Once again we are really pleased to be welcoming another eyewitness speaker to the Circus, as part of our ongoing series of history talks in cooperation with the ZZB – The Centre for Witness to Contemporary History. The talk is taking place at The Circus Hotel on Tuesday 29th April, and as always it is completely free, takes place in English, and everyone is welcome.

Our speaker this month is Dr Harald Jancke. At the age of six years old, Dr Jancke and his family were taken from Germany at the end of the Second World War to the Soviet Union to a small town 120km north of Moscow. His father – a physicist – was one of thousands of specialists spirited away by the Soviet regime to “help” develop the weaponry that would be central to the Cold War struggle. Dr Jancke’s father was one of over 500, who were taken to the Soviet Union to help develop different aircraft for the Soviet air force. In 1952 the family returned to Germany, to live in East Berlin. Dr Jancke will talk about the personal, social and political aspects of his childhood years in the Soviet Union, and it promises to be a truly fascinating talk.


Taken East: A childhood in the Soviet Union, 1946-52

Speaker: Dr Harald Jancke
Date: Tuesday 29th April 2014
Time: 6pm
Venue: Fabisch at the Circus Hotel, Rosenthaler Platz 1, Berlin-Mitte

Please note: the event is of course free to attend, and as part of our cooperation with the ZZB we make a donation to help fund their very important work. If you would like to contribute to our donation, you can do so on the evening.

Rosenthaler1 001
As you might have seen on the Circus blog in recent weeks, we are involved in the first stages of a creativity bonanza here on Rosenthaler Platz, from new team members and a website, developments to all three Circus houses, and some changes to the buildings themselves. If you have been on the square in last week or so you will have seen that the kebab shop in the Circus Hotel building has moved out, and we have taken over the space. We are now in the process of looking for a new partner for the ground floor and we hope to be able to announce an exciting new addition to the Rosenthaler landscape pretty soon. In the meantime, as with the ground floor of the hostel building, it is time to roll those sleeves up and get the place clean. Now, where did I put that mop…?

Rosenthaler1 004

It is very quiet on and around Rosenthaler Platz today because of the Easter holiday. We had a good time over the weekend with the many guests who came to Berlin to share these days with us, and to take part in our annual Egg Hunt in the hotel and hostel. As you can see from the pictures, the successful egg hunters were some of our younger guests… perhaps they are just better at sniffing out the chocolate, or maybe they are simply better placed to think like we do and to work out where we might have hidden them. Whatever the reason, we hope they enjoyed their treat as part of their time in Berlin…



A few weeks ago some members of the Circus team headed west to Frankfurt as part of our “ideas collection” for the bonanza of creativity that is currently taking place here in the company. Designers Sandra and Julia were headed to the Light+Building trade fair with Circus co-owner Christian, and Head of Maintenance Dietmar. Light+Building is the world’s largest fair for, well, lighting and building with a focus on intelligent sustainability and smart powered buildings. This was especially of interest for Christian and Dietmar, whilst Julia and Sandra explored some of the new trends in architectural and design light to provide inspiration for the changes to the Circus Hostel, Hotel and Apartments.

Luminale (see pictures below) is a festival of lighting design which runs parallel to Light+Building, and showcases 180 projects by international artists in public spaces and galleries all over Frankfurt. Our design team took the chance to explore many of the installations, and their personal highlights were the frozen rain shower of broken lightbulbs “Lagrimas de Sao Pedro” by Vinus Silva de Almeida and the beautiful sculptural objects „Reflecting Space – Messier Objekte” by Brigitta Weimer which literally reflected the milky way onto the walls and ceiling of the gallery they were displayed in.


You can follow all the developments that are taking place at The Circus over the next year or so as part of our Creativity Bonanza by bookmarking this blog category.

Easter banner

As we approach Easter weekend, our very own bunnies are busy hiding the eggs around the Circus Hostel, Hotel and Apartments, ready for the Sunday morning Egg Hunt. Not everyone can be lucky of course, but everyone can enjoy our very special Easter Brunch at Fabisch in the Circus Hotel. The buffet costs €15 for Circus guests, runs from 8am until 3pm, and it is usually pretty popular, so we would recommend you speaking to reception to book your table in advance.

For more about our Restaurant Fabisch, check out the new website here.

We Own the Night

For those of you who like to slap on a pair of trainers and pound the streets, Berlin is a paradise for runners. We have some great parks and routes along the river, and if you come stay at The Circus you can get a jogging map with some suggestions to and from Rosenthaler Platz. We also have a number of great races in the city, including the Berlin Marathon in the autumn, which many of our guests find is a brilliant excuse for combining travel with the experience of joining the thousands of fellow runners from around the world.

One such event is coming up at the end of May, which is Nike’s We Own The Night women’s run, which takes place not far from The Circus on a 10km course and from the tales we heard from those who took part last year, it is a very special event. Every participant gets a special welcome package, and after the run there is an after-party where those who still have energy in their legs can dance the night away with some of their fellow 3,000 participants.

So if you will be in Berlin on the 30th May 2014, and you are a woman – :-) – then why not join the fun?


If you click on the picture above you will see something very special… the new Circus website! This project has been months in the planning and realising, and we are extremely happy with the results. First up, we need to say a big “well done” to Julia for her design work, capturing the individual spirit of the three houses whilst maintaining the link that makes them all “The Circus”… marvellous work! As always, we are greatly indebted to Ivo, Matthias and the rest of the team at Escriptum for helping us realise Julia’s design and their advice from the beginning of the project on. And last, but by no means least, special mention has to go to Zoë Noble for her photography of the hostel and the hotel, and for capturing the spirit of The Circus in her images.

The new website is part of a huge number of developments that are taking place at The Circus over the next year or so, and you can follow what is going on by bookmarking this blog category.

Hostel Building

As we announced earlier in the week, The Circus is beginning a process of developments that will impact on all aspects of the company, from changes to the hostel, hotel and apartments, new structures in the office and behind the scenes, and more. If you missed it, you can hear Circus founder and Managing Partner Andreas Becker talk about it here.

One of the things Andreas talks about in the interview is renovations of the building that houses the Circus Hostel, which the company bought last year. This will involve changing the ground floor of the building, especially those parts that house tenants that are not the hostel – including what was previously the opticians. The developments will include new windows and doors, that will make the building more appealing, and some new tenants… these have not been finalised yet, as negotiations are ongoing, but we are pretty sure that we will be welcoming something very special to Rosenthaler Platz, that will be great for our guests and the neighbourhood, so watch this space. Meanwhile, as you can imagine, Dietmar and the rest of the boys are having a lot of fun knocking things down before we can build them back up again…







You can follow all the developments that are taking place over the next year or so as part of our Creativity Bonanza by bookmarking this blog category.

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