Circus co-owner Tilman Hierath has been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge… the only problem is, that is a very nice suit he is wearing and so he decided to take a different approach inspired by a certain actor out there. The ALS Association website is here… and we nominate everyone to do what they can for whichever cause is closest to them, whether it is time, money or raising awareness. Prost!

Yep… watch the video if you don’t believe us… and have a read of this from Jurgen, one of the lucky (or crazy) gang that found themselves falling out of the sky somewhere in Brandenburg…

If you do not know what to do with your time in Berlin you can always jump out of an Airplane. Jumping out of an airplane? Yes you heard it right! Our friends of GoJump in Gransee convinced us that jumping out of an airplane is the coolest thing you will ever do in your life. We were a bit skeptical but nevertheless decided to check it out. I can tell you it was one of the coolest experiences in our lives!

Together with our hostel owner Jim, our crazy bartender Ally, the lovely receptionist Veronika and our cool Designers Julia and Sandra we took the train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof towards Gransee. The brave Julia had no clue what we were going to do until the morning we left. Did I already mention we were afraid? We were very afraid! I have never experienced such a weird form of anticipation.

However, all our fears were taken away the moment we met the GoJump crew. After a short trip on the train, they picked us up from the train station Gransee and before we knew it, we were already making jokes again. After some formalities we immediately went on with the real stuff. After a short but very comforting introduction about the place we went on to put on our hip jumpsuits.

Every single one of us got an assigned tandem partner, the guy or girl that is hanging on your back and is basically doing all the work. The crew of GoJump exists of a group of professional passionate Skydivers, whose aim is to get as many people experiencing jumping out of an airplane as possible. If there were any fears left, they were all taken away by our tandem partners. Such a lovely and funny crew.

The next step was the actual skydive instruction. We thought we would go through an extensive training, but in fact the introduction was very short. They ended with a wicked smile and the words: “don’t worry, everything will be alright, you will see”.

And we did! All that was left to do was stepping into a (hypermodern) airplane and enjoy the view. Our tandem partners made some “scared of death” videos and photos of us, to share with our friends and families. Before we knew it, we were at 4000 meters high.

Afterward it all happened very fast. The door went open and first the professionals jumped out. Then it was time for us to jump. Every 30 seconds one of us would jump out with 220 km per hour. The instructions proved to be sufficient. We moved to the opening of the airplane, put our legs around the edge and our head on the shoulders of our tandem partners.

The moment you jump out of an airplane is amazing! The first few seconds you have absolutely no idea what is going on, but after a while you get to enjoy the full explosion of adrenaline for almost a minute. After the parachute opens the feeling changes to something, I think, comes very close to absolute freedom. The tandem partners let you steer the parachute around and this creates yet another fantastic feeling. After exactly 9 minutes you are back on your feet again.

After a good period of celebrating we were still alive and hugging each other, we got to see our photo and video footage. The result is hilarious. The rest of the day we could do nothing else than smile and feel happy.

So, if you would also like to experience something that is almost as cool as meeting David Hasselhof in real life, go and join GoJump and jump out of an airplane.

Thank you GoJump for this amazing life changing experience!


Jurgen and The Circus Crew

PS. Here are some more pics from the day… and don’t forget to check out the GoJump website











On the 18th October 2014 four members of the Circus team – Jonathan, Sam, Jan and Annika – will be taking part in the Krassfit Challenge to test not only themselves, but to raise some money for the Schülerpaten Berlin, a mentoring project here in Berlin that Circus has been supporting over the past year or so. Of course, to run thirteen kilometres over a variety of obstacles is not easy, and so our fantastic four need to get in training…

…and this is where you come in! Every Wednesday morning from now until the event on the 18th October, our Krassfitters will be running a stretch of the Berlin Wall here in Berlin as part of their preparations. The route is about seven kilometres, door-to-door from the Circus Hostel, and takes you past some of the principle Berlin Wall sights, including the Memorial and the Documentation Centre on Bernauer Straße, a watchtower that now houses a museum to Günther Litfin, the first person killed attempting to cross the Wall, and other sites of memory from the period in which Berlin was divided.

Jonathan, alongside Circus colleagues Paul and Jared , tested the route out this morning… and if you want to join in the fun, and see some historical sights along the way, the runners will be meeting each Wednesday morning at 9.30am in the Circus Hostel reception. A great way to start the day, and also you will be helping to motivate our brave team as they get ready for what promises to be one heck of a challenge. You can follow their progress here on the blog, and Jonathan will be writing something for us in the next few days to explain a little more about what Krassfit is all about… for now, take a look at some pics from our running route:








Coming up in our neighbourhood on Saturday is the fourth instalment of the Torstaßen Festival, taking place at venues along and close to the street that runs past both the Circus Hostel and the Circus Hotel:

“In cooperation with the venues, cafés, shops and bars in our neighborhood we present a musical matinee showcase with a current leftfield and cross-genre soundtrack. We see ourselves and our festival goers as explorers, who are not afraid to trust their curiosity instead of big headliners. We strive to be a forum for current and relevant development within Berlin’s music scenes: for locals, transients and their influencers.”

To join in the fun, you will need a ticket (€13 in advance, €15 on the day) which works as a pass to all participating venues. At the same time, other places in the neighbourhood are joining in the fun as “partycipants”, offering up a varied programme of side events and other fun and games.

At the Circus Hostel we will be hosting a special Pop Quiz in honour of the Torstraßen Festival, which will take place downstairs at Katz & Maus on Saturday evening from 9pm (admission for this is free). So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a pop culture brainiac, know your Backstreet from your Beastie Boys and your Flaming Lips from your Falco, then come and have a go at the quiz… it is hosted by Ally, our very own Queen of Pop, and there are some funky prizes to be won.

So… struggling with the local lingo? Need a bit of help to tell your Bratwurst from your Bratkartoffel? Never fear, because Jimbo is here! Now, our very own Jimbo might have been born within a Peter Schmeichel throw of Old Trafford on the edge of sunny Manchester, but he has been here in the German capital for fifteen years and during that time he has done daily battle with the German language… the result has been a honour-filled scoring draw, and so who better than to put together a very special podcast with the most important phrases you will need during your time with us in the German capital. Thankfully, he enlisted the help of Lisa in creating his very special non-essential guide to the German language, so have a listen for yourself… after all, you might even learn something.


We are extremely pleased to announce the details of the next  Circus Talks evening in cooperation with the ZeitZeugenBörse (Centre for Witness to Contemporary History) which will be taking place on Tuesday 26th August in Fabisch at the Circus Hotel.

Alexander Longolius was born in Berlin in 1935, two years after the Nazis came to power and four before the outbreak of World War II. In the early 1950s he went on a school exchange to the United States, before studying in Berlin. He has been strongly involved in Berlin politics, and was a member of the Berlin Senate (state legislature), as well as being the Chairman of the executive board of the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation.

In 2005 he was awarded the German Order of Merit in recognition of his work for German-American friendship. He has lived in Berlin through the war, the Allied occupation, the division of the city and its eventual reunification, and he will be coming to the Circus to share his experiences of the last 79 years. It promises to be another fascinating evening, and we are really excited to welcome Mr Longolius to the Circus and hear the thoughts of someone who has lived through and been a participant in the modern history of the city.


Eyewitness History Talk with Alexander Longolius
Tuesday 26th August 2014, 6pm
Fabisch at The Circus Hotel, Rosenthaler Str. 1, Berlin-Mitte
U-Bahn Rosenthaler Platz

The talk is open to all and is in English. Admission is free, and we will be collecting contributions for the ZZB to help them continue in their important work

Photo credit: Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F015843-0016 / Schmitt, Walter / CC-BY-SA


Thanks to our mates at ocelot, not just another bookstore we have a new selection of books for you to explore in the Fabisch Library at the Circus Hotel. Not only have Maria and Frithjof helped us make our picks, but we have made some our own and you can read about why we have chosen the books that we have. First up for Circus staff picks are Hotel Manager Katrin, who chose ‘Why we took the car’ by Wolfgang Herrndorf, and the Communications team Lisa and Paul, who chose ‘All the Lights’ by Clemens Meyer and ‘The Berlin Wall’ by Frederick Taylor respectively. Keep an eye out on the Fabisch Library during the upcoming renovations, as we will be extending our choices and adding more staff picks for you to try, and thanks again to our friends at ocelot for helping us with our selection.


About ocelot, not just another bookstore…

You can find ocelot on Brunnenstraße 181, only a few meters away from The Circus. What makes ocelot so special is not only the café, where you can hang out with your friends and family after an exciting tour through the city or read your new book right away, but the fact that it’s a place full of people who love literature. And who won’t hesitate to help you with even the most desperate calls for help – “I’m looking for this book with the blue cover, it shows a dog on the beach”. It is a short walk from the hotel, so why not go check it out?



How long has it been…four, five weeks, since that glorious night in Rio when the German National Team were crowned Champions of the World? It seems like only yesterday, and – unbelievably – the new season is already upon us, as local heroes Hertha BSC welcome their Bundesliga rivals Werder Bremen to the Olympic Stadium for the opening game this coming Saturday.

Not only are the Germans World Champions, but we also have one of the most popular leagues in the world… and the Bundesliga has become legendary for its model of fan-ownership of clubs, a great atmosphere, proper beer in the stadiums, and decent ticket prices. As always, here at the Circus we give our guests the opportunity to sample the matchday experience at its best, as we have tickets for every home game of Hertha BSC. Tickets cost a barely believable €15, and include public transport both to and from the Olympic Stadium. An incredible deal.

And at the same time, whatever happens on the pitch, it is worth making the journey just to see the stadium itself. Built for the 1936 Olympics, when Jesse Owens won four gold medals in a games hijacked by the Nazis for propaganda purposes, it was completely renovated in time to host the 2006 World Cup, when Zinedine Zidane (literally) bowed out in his own unique way.

As for what you can expect on the pitch, Hertha BSC have been something of a yo-yo club in recent years, taking turns to play in the top flight and the second tier. But last year they kept their place in the Bundesliga, and with the opportunity to play two seasons in a row with the elite, they will be hoping that this new found stability will give them the chance to kick on from their 11th place finish last season, one place ahead of the team they are playing on Saturday, Werder Bremen.

Tickets are limited, so if you wanna go the match, get on down to reception!

Hertha BSC vs Werder Bremen
Saturday 23 April
Kick-Off: 15.30
Tickets: €15 – available from reception (and include public transport)

(Image: © visitBerlin | Scholvien)

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