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Flashback to 1995 – Classic Radio Interviews from Berlin

funkturmAny Australians reading this will probably already know the broadcaster, writer and film-maker Phillip Adams who presents the wonderful Late Night Live on ABC Radio National in Australia. Thanks to the wonders of podcasts I stumbled across the show recently, and have been really enjoying the interviews, analysis and debate on all kinds of different issues, from the financial crisis in Dubai, climate change, and art in Iran.

Earlier this month they presented a series of classic broadcasts from when they took the Late Night Live show on the road to Berlin in 1995. The three programmes provide a fascinating glimpse of some of the debates and issues taking place in Berlin at that time, as the city and country continued to come to terms with the changes in society following the fall of the Berlin Wall and German re-unification. If you are interested, they are well worth checking out…

Berlin 1995 – An interview with Stefan Heym (who died in 2001), a writer who lived in both the United States and East Germany and became speaker of the parliament in reunified Germany.

Berlin 1995 – An interview with Heiner Müller (who died in 1995), a poet and dramatist who was in 1995 the Director of the Berliner Ensemble theatre.

Berlin 1995 – Berlin Architecture – a debate about what should be done to the city in terms of planning and building following reunification. Especially interesting now with the knowledge of what they actually decided.

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