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Renovation of The Circus Hostel

Adobe Photoshop PDFEagle-eyed Circus watchers will have seen on the hostel website that the Circus Hostel at Weinbergsweg will be closed from the 17th January until the 30th March. After eight years we are taking the time to make some changes to the building both inside and out, from structural issues such as a combined heating and power unit, to new features such as lounge space in the reception and lock-boxes in the bedrooms. Many of these things have come from suggestions and criticisms from our guests since we opened, but that were not possible to implement with an ongoing, operating and open hostel. Now that we are closing, we can act on the advice from those who have given it and make the hostel even better than it was before.

You can read more details and see some planning pictures for the next few months on the renovation page of the hostel website.

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