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Jimbo’s Curry Experience


(Everything he knows, he learned on the mean streets of Rusholme)

As any British expat in Berlin will tell you – and in fact, I am about to – it is really difficult to get a decent curry in this town. Very rarely do you even get something as decent as the  Chicken Tikka Marsala from the Gandhi Restaurant on the main street of Burscough, complete with flock wallpaper and a 90% takeaway business, let alone the culinary delights of Bradford. If anyone was to have found the best curry in the Hauptstadt it is Jim…and he has found a couple that do a version of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi cuisine that has not be tamed for the delicate tastebuds of the German market.

Last week at The Circus Hostel Jim decided to take up the challenge of producing Berlin’s best curry himself, which he unleashed on the guests for the price of nix/nada/nowt…none of us could have imagined the interest that such a special offer came about. Jim presented the curry at 7pm. At 7.05 all thirty portions were gone, and we were literally scraping the bottom of the pot. How good the curry was, I can’t tell you, because there was none left for me to try, although the big group of English lads seemed happy with the cultural marriage of a curry cooked by a lad from Stockport, washed down with a bottle of fine German beer.

Luckily for me Jim will be at it again, hosting his JIMBO’S CURRY EXPERIENCE 2 on the 30th August, exclusive for Circus guests (and perhaps one hungry staff member, eh Jim?) in the Circus Cafe. Your tastebuds have tried nothing like it…

Jimbo’s Curry Experience #1 – Don’t worry, there’s enough for everyone (except perhaps you at the back)


The combination of backpackers and free food was a surprising success that none of us could have foreseen…