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CourtyART – o:o at the Circus Hotel

null null dark

The installation o:o that is now hanging above the courtyard in the Circus Hotel comes from the good folks at Saygel & Schreiber, whose office can be found just around the corner on the Linienstrasse. During the production of a movie just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the pieces that make up o:o were found at an old East German petrol station (similar to the one in the picture below). The concept, in the words of the guys that put it together, “ is a fascination with the idea of a draw (0-0) or of being undecided in this era of the superlative…and rather than choosing a 100:100 or similar, the choice of the two zeros is reference to the calmed and unglamorous beginnings of all games and confrontations.”

Many thanks go of course to Attila and Lorenz for bringing some illumination to the hotel courtyard, and now that it goes dark so early, you can come by and take a look from the middle of the afternoon on!

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