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Mr Goldman and the Streets of London

Jared London 2Last weekend Mr Goldman and four former Circus staff members Sean, Theo, Robin and Nate, accompanied by the Circus football team’s temperamental midfield maestro Tommy Tumbleweed, headed to London to watch the big American Football game…

Nate Dog is a hardcore 49ers fan, and when he found out eight months ago that they would be playing in London, it was not only clear that he had to go, but that he was going to take a lot of us with him. Usually it is hard when you try and plan things so far in advance, but somehow it all worked out and we all not only made the trip, but survived.

It all began on Friday morning at an hour nobody should be expected to wake up. We came together on the S-Bahn along the way to the airport. At security we ran into an old friend Foxy…and I was not sure if I was hallucinating or if it was real. If you know Foxy then you might imagine my surprise at his sudden appearance so early in the morning. Normally he is up on the bar with his shirt off.

Jared London 3In London Tommy had set us up with a cab to take us to Marlow, a small town not far from London. This is where Tommy grew up, and he took us for a beautiful walk around the place. The trees especially were amazingly picturesque, and the colours indescribable. We also saw the field where the England football team trains.

We then went for lunch in a local pub, where the ceilings were the perfect height for me, but less so for the others who had to pay attention to where they were walking. We had a great lunch and a beer that Tommy recommended, brewed right there in Marlow.

In the evening we went for some Mexican food at a place where we told them it was Tommy’s birthday in the hope of getting some free drinks. In the end they did make him wear a stupid hat and had the whole bar sing happy birthday for him, but we actually think they cranked the dinner price up…so they got the last laugh. After dinner we checked out another pub for a couple more drinks before bed.

The next day we got up early for some bacon and egg butties and headed to the train station for the journey into London. After dropping our bags it was time for a bad dash around the sights, including tea at the Queen’s place. Unfortunately, at Downing Street, the Prime Minister was unable to keep his appointment as he was apparently double-booked. Instead we had a wander around the Houses of Parliament and walked along the river until we came to the food market, where it was time for oysters, pies and some pints of beer.

Jared London 1More beers followed (BYOB) as we waited for an hour at a Pakistani restaurant but it was worth the wait…this was one of the best restaurants we have ever been to, especially the fish and the lamb chops. After the meal it was back to the hostel to get an early night, ready for the big day.

We spent the morning at Camden Market for a bit of shopping, and then to the pub to warm up for the main event. We were greeted at Wembley by an amazing scene, both the stadium of the fans, and we also had a great time watching the game, helping Wembley pay off their building debts with our “contributions” to the beer stands. The game itself picked up in the 3rd quarter, and to Nate’s enduring happiness (and the good mood of the group) the 49ers got some lucky breaks and won.

Feeling good we headed back to the hostel and stayed up until they kicked us out of the pub and sent us to bed. The alarm on Monday morning sounded alarmingly quickly, and with a bit of a hangover and fuelled with a full English breakfast we had just enough energy for a bit more sightseeing, recovery aided by a few beers and some fish and chips along the way.

It was a great weekend, exploring Marlow and London Town, and a big thanks to Tommy for sharing it with us and to Matty for showing us the best restaurant I have ever been to…and thanks to the rest of the guys for hanging out and having a good time.

Till the next trip,

Mr Goldman