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It’s what we are all looking for…

It was a June day, twenty years ago. In the south wing of a large house a young boy was born, who would grow up to the ever increasing realisation that although he had been born to material wealth, there was something missing in his life. He felt constrained by a set of circumstances that, over time, caused in him an overwhelming urge to break free.

So he began the search. It was long and hard and at many times he felt as if he would never find what he was looking for. To facilitate a change in his life, one in which he was sure that would result in the “freedom” that he had been looking for, he left home. Although he had lived up to now in a city, it was down a track he walked, only taking with him such possessions that he could comfortably carry on his back.

But the load that he carried on his shoulders was nothing to that which he carried in his mind. As he walked he could find no sense of inner peace as replayed the final conversation with his father in his mind.

“You’ll be sorry son,” his father said. “Especially if you leave home this way.”

“I need to be free.”

“It is money that can buy you freedom. You’ll see. And then, some day, you’ll come running home.”

But he didn’t. Instead he travelled the land, fully aware of what he had to lose. In a process that is widely known as “paying one’s dues”, the young man got a job as a farmhand. In this sense he made enough to eat, and developed the muscle tone in his arms, but all the while he was aware that he had not yet made it.

After those twenty long years since he left the comfort of his wealthy upbringing behind him, the search for that all elusive sense of personal liberation continues. Rumours have it that the man now works as a door-to-door salesman, and although the search has thus proved to be fruitless, he remains convinced that one day he will find what he has been looking for.

(It must be said that there were a number of options open to the main character in the story, some of which he does not seem to think of trying. A member of a futuristic crime-fighting team, complete with talking car, for example. Or a lifeguard. Something like that).

Remember folks: You’ve got to be in it to win it.