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Berlin’s Computer Game Museum

joypadIf you are interested in the world of computer games, and the history of the noble art of gaming, then you should check out Berlin’s Computerspielemuseum (Computer Game Museum) on Karl-Marx-Allee. The museum first opened back in 1997, and they have just opened a new permanent exhibition entitled “Computer Games: Evolution of a Medium” where…

You will find more than 300 exhibits in an interactive and experiment-friendly environment that conveys the cultural history of computer and video games. You are invited on an entertaining expedition to meet the game players of the 21st century. Numerous rare original exhibits, playable classic games and assorted media productions help you exploring the world of  “Homo Ludens Digitalis”.

You can find the museum website here, and if you want another perspective about the museum which has been written by a friend of ours, check out the article A brief history of AWESOMESAUCE on

PS. If you’re taste in computer games runs to pacman and tetris, check out the Goldman’s Bar website.