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Circus Talks #4: Life in Nazi Germany

circus talks buttonThis Wednesday we will be once again welcoming a speaker from the ZeitZeugenBörse e.V. (Centre for the Witness to Contemporary History), an organisation that brings together eyewitnesses to different periods and moments of history to share their experiences and memories with people like us.

The topic for this weeks talk is Life in Nazi Germany, and we will be joined by Walter Sytlen. Walter is in his 80s, and he will talk about his childhood in Thuringen, as well as his father’s story. His father was a Pastor who was in trouble with the regime and therefore banned from his work. After moving the family to Berlin he was involved in an organisation, alongside the Jewish and Roman Catholic community, to help people persecuted by the Nazis. Walter’s father was eventually sent to Dachau because of his work, where he was killed. After the war Walter was involved in attempts to form a democratic youth organisation in East Berlin, and ran into (in his words) “difficulties with the communist system.”

We are extremely pleased to be able to welcome Walter to the Circus on Wednesday, and please remember that the talks are in English, are open to everyone, and that entry is free. Here are the details:

Where: Fabisch @ The Circus Hotel, Rosenthaler Strasse 1, U-Bhf. Rosenthaler Platz (U8)
When: Wednesday 23rd February 2011 @ 7pm
Topic: Life in Nazi Germany
Speaker: Walter Sylten