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The Hoff: One Week On…

It is over a week now since David Hasselhoff performed live in Berlin, and Jared and Jim are still buzzing with the excitement of the evening. They went along with two of our guests – Manny and Michelle – who were the lucky winners of the tickets thanks to Manny’s creativity. Here are his winning entries in our Hoff competition:

Hoff Puppies:


Hoff The Man:


After the show it was hard to get any sense out of those who witnessed this moment of history in the making, but here are the soundbites, and below you can see one of Manny’s photographs of the great man in action…

Manny: “Sharing the gift of David Hasselhoff with me was otherworldly. I will never forget the greatness of The Hoff live in Berlin.”

Jim: “I went as a joke, and came back a fan.”

Jared: “The Hoff what more do i need to say!”

The Hoff in Berlin: