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From the 1st-10th April, the Temporäre Kunstbox at the Circus Hostel will be your place to discover the future. A selection of iconic creatures from contemporary character design are utilised in the cards of PicTarot to help you – in one-to-one sessions, discover what will be coming…As part of the Pictoplasma festival, the expert fortune-tellers will be hosting PicTarot sessions each afternoon from 1pm to 5pm. So make sure you come by and find out what is in store for you!

Also, make sure you take some time to explore the many galleries and other venues that will be part of the famous Pictoplasma Character Walk…we will have maps at the reception, and it is a great opportunity to explore the neighbourhood.

josh_Sketchcrawl1As you might remember, on the Slow Travel Day a couple of weeks ago there was an Urban Sketching Tour around the Rosenthaler Platz, led by some members of the Berlin chapter of the Urban Sketching movement. One participant, Josh Bauman, was kind enough to scan and send a couple of the sketches he did that Sunday, which you can see here. Josh has a daily diary comic strip called the Caffeniated Toothpaste, which is very funny and well worth checking out. The first volume is also now available in book form, from the store page on the website.

Go check it out, and thanks again Josh for sending over the sketches from the Slow Travel Day.


Jim1There had to come a time. After nearly three months in the Kunstbox, the balloons have to make way.

As of next week, we will be hosting a special Pictoplasma event at The Circus Hostel, and as such we needed to free the room of our inflateable friends. But who could we call upon for such a task. Fortunately, the Sheriff of Poppingham, head honcho of the Milka-Anarcho-Syndicalist-Front (MASF) was on hand to clear the space in way that only he knows how. And so the balloons are gone…thanks guys, we had a blast…

Photo right: The Sheriff of Poppingham prepares for the dual…

Photos below: The Sheriff in action…

Jim 2

Jim 3

Rapunzel 1In a corner of the courtyard at The Circus Hotel we have some new visitors. Berlin designer and illustrator Marie Jacobi has created a specially commissioned design and installation for what has become known as the Rapunzel Tower – home to two of the hotel’s apartments. This week Marie began work, with the illustrations that lead up the stairwell inside the tower. The next steps will be paintings and wooden installations that will be added to the outside. One question that Marie’s work asks, but that we still have no answer to, is “Rapunzel, who is your hairdresser in Berlin?”

You can see more of Marie’s work on her website, and if anyone is looking for a co-working space (short term or long term) in the Reuterkiez, check out another of Marie’s projects: Wostel.

More pictures from the tower below…

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ZZB_Schwenk_4On Wedneseday evening, Mr Klaus Schwerk came to talk to us about his experiences growing up during the Nazi regime and the Second World War. The event was organised in association with the ZeitZeugenBörse e.V. (Centre for Witness to Contemporary History) and was held in the wintergarten of Fabisch, at the Circus Hotel. Mr Schwerk told us about his experiences at school and in the town, what it was like to be a member of the Hitler Jugend, and his role as a cadet in the Second World War, where his experiences close to Theresienstadt placed the first doubts in a teenage boy’s mind as to the reality of the situation he had been growing up in.

It was an extremely interesting evening, and we can only thank Mr Schwerk once again for coming to the hotel to talk to us, as well as to everyone who came by to listen to him speak. We will be planning some more history talks in cooperation with ZZB in the coming months, as well as some other “conversational events”, so keep an eye out on the Circus blog for announcements and more information.


Taking a Break

Up to September 2007, Vladimir and his soul mate Mr Goldman were inseparable. The travelled, lived, loved and laughed together, but one drunken evening they parted company. To this today nobody knows what drove these two best of friends to take such a dramatic decision, but it was clear at the time that there were no third parties involved…and that although they have been apart for three and a half years, their love remains indestructible.

Perhaps it was the sedentary lifestyle that drove Vladimir out onto the road, for that is where he has been ever since. From the beautiful west coast of America to communist Cuba, via his native Russia, Dubai and Egypt. He took time out in Sweden, before dodging bullets in Afghanistan and an infamous “lost weekend” in Amsterdam. Last week Vladimir returned to Berlin to celebrate his birthday, but only to find that his beloved Mr Goldman was himself out of town. An irony, indeed, that Alanis herself would have been proud to commit to song.

Drowning his sorrows, Vladimir celebrated (of course) at Goldman’s Bar, and would like to thank everyone at The Circus for their hospitality and the bar staff for the free boot of beer.

To mark his visit, we have decided to use the opportunity to showcase a selection of snaps from Vladimirs adventures around the world, and if you would like to make friends and see more pics, go and check out his facebook profile to see where he turns up next…

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web_Lazy MorningOver the weekend, it was not only Slow Travel Day at the Circus Hostel…on Saturday morning the cafe re-opened after the renovations. Sandra, Steffi and the Hausmeister team, plus painters and carpenters, put in the hard work of planning the changes and then, over the five days that the cafe was closed, putting in the hours to make it happen. It looks great, so if you are in Berlin then you should definately come and check it out…and for those reading this around the world, see the rest of this article for some pics of the new look Circus Cafe.

Great job guys!

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circus talks buttonThis Wednesday we will be once again welcoming a speaker from the ZeitZeugenBörse e.V. (Centre for the Witness to Contemporary History), an organisation that brings together eyewitnesses to different periods and moments of history to share their experiences and memories with people like us.

We are really pleased to welcome Mr Klaus Schwerk to the Circus, who will be talking about his childhood in Germany during the Third Reich and the Second World War. Some of his relatives were deported to the concentration camp in Theresienstadt, whilst Mr Schwerk was in Dresden during the catastrophic bombing raids of February 1945. Following the war, he worked for twenty years at the DED (German Development Service), including 5 years in India and 6 years in Kenya. After his talk, Mr Schwerk will be available to answer questions.

Please  remember that the talks are in English, are open to everyone, and that entry is free. Here are the details:

Where: Fabisch @ The Circus Hotel, Rosenthaler Strasse 1, U-Bhf. Rosenthaler Platz (U8)
When: Wednesday 16th March 2011 @ 6.45pm
Topic: A German Childhood: 1929-45
Speaker: Mr Klaus Schwerk

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