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BIER-bottlesAs you will know if you have been reading this blog over the past week, there are all manner of events taking place this Sunday as part of the Circus and Slow Travel Berlin’s SLOW TRAVEL DAY. This being Berlin, and Berlin being in Germany, it would have been remiss of us to organise such an event without thinking carefully about a very special beer for the day.

Luckily, we were already in contact with the good folks from BIER, which is Berlin’s very own no-brand beer. BIER was founded by Johannes Schwaderer and Stephan Alutis in a reaction to the brand and marketing overload that greets us all every time we step out of the door and onto the city streets (and let’s not even get started about turning on the television).

In Johannes’s own words:

“My partner Stephan and I started this project two years ago when we noticed that both of us were quite fed up with the way brands and products are sold today. Our main intention was to set an example against the visual pollution which people are permanently exposed to in our urban environments. We didn’t start our own brewery but we came up with an idea for a beer that abandons all the super-premium-promises most brands make but focuses on what’s really important: what’s inside the bottle.”

Incidentally, the quote above comes from a nice interview with Johannes Schwaderer that was published in the past couple of days on the Slow Travel Berlin website.


So beer lovers of the world rejoice – there is a corner of the Slow Travel Day just for you. From 6pm in the Circus Cafe on Sunday you will be able to sample BIER for the very reasonable price of €1,50 a bottle. The second product from the boys, WEINSCHORLE (that’s white wine mixed with sparkling water kids) will also be on sale for €2.

If you like what you taste, or if you cannot be with us on Sunday, then there is a page on the BIER website that can help you locate the nearest venue to get yourself stocked up.