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The Circus Apartments: Design Process

moodboard whg 3The interior designer for the Circus Apartments is Sandra Ernst, who also designed both the Circus Hostel and Hotel. As with each new Circus project, the apartments present Sandra with a unique challenge, and it is therefore not possible to simply re-create the successful methods that she employed in her previous works.

What are the main differences at The Circus Apartments? Firstly, each individual unit is far larger than even the biggest rooms of the hostel or the hotel. The apartments start at 60m² and the largest is 180m² – a spectacular space for sure, but one which certainly needs a very different design approach.

moodboard whg 2Then there is the building itself. When making her design decisions, one extremely important aspect is light, and especially the level of natural lighting in any given space. One of the most attractive elements of the building on Choriner Straße is the amount of natural light through the large windows – which gives Sandra the freedom, for example, to work with darker colours and materials.

Another difference between this project and the others is the outdoor space. Almost all of the apartments have balconies or roof terraces, including the breath-taking 100m² terrace above the four person deluxe apartment. So here the interior design moves to the exterior, bringing with it an exciting new challenge for Sandra.

moodboard schzi 3So how does she begin? Sandra is always collecting ideas and inspiration, not only in terms of interior design but through art and architecture. She starts each project with a series of mood boards, which you can see on this page (CLICK ON EACH INDIVIDUAL BOARD TO TAKE A CLOSER LOOK). The mood boards are when Sandra can be completely free, making combinations of textiles, furniture, decoration and more, to establish a design philosophy to guide her through the project. Then comes the job of sourcing materials and furniture, and piece by piece building up the design of each of the 22 units.

As always with Sandra’s work, there is a certain eclectic nature to her design, and we are truly excited to witness the process of building towards the completed apartments, of Sandra meeting the new challenges that this project entails, and what we are sure will be spectacular spaces for our guests to enjoy when we open the doors in the autumn and let the world come and stay with us on the Choriner Straße.

You can read more about Sandra’s design philosophy at The Circus Hotel here.