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October 2011

Apartments Art by Billy

31. October 2011

As we continue to work towards the opening of the Circus Apartments we thought we would give you a quick update on what is happening and a look at some of the things we have [...]

Look who is in town…

27. October 2011

The boys from St Pauli might be in town for a game against FC Union tomorrow night, but as part of their sightseeing tour the bus driver obviously decided they needed to [...]

Jimbo’s Guide to Pankow

27. October 2011

Jim is not only one of the owners of the Circus, but he is also our resident expert on the hidden corners of the city. It is Jim’s firmly held belief that some of the most [...]

Festival of Lights Photography Tour

18. October 2011

Right at this moment we are in the middle of the Festival of Lights, which is one of the world’s largest illumination festivals and offers a view of some of the most famous [...]

Coming Soon: The FLY BerMuDa-Festival

11. October 2011

Remember, remember the 5th November… and for the Brits out there, not for the reason you think. No, the 5th November 2011 is the take-off date for the FLY [...]

Around Berlin in 80 Beers

4. October 2011

Peter Sutcliffe has been a good friend of The Circus for many years – indeed we think of Peter as part of the family – and he has recently written a book all about a [...]