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Bibliotheca Culinaria in The Kitchen


We have a new edition to our library in the Kitchen at the Circus Apartments. In keeping with the culinary theme, we have a whole bunch of books from our friends at the Bibliotheca Culinaria. This wonderful shop, sandwiched between the apartments and the hostel and hotel at Rosenthaler Platz, is devoted entirely to antique/second hand cookery and baking books from around the world. It is the largest bookshop of its kind in Germany, and is a complete treasure trove that will keep you inspired in the kitchen. We are really pleased that the guys from Bibliotheca Culinaria agreed to stock some of their collection at The Kitchen, and we hope everyone enjoys flicking through the books.


It is not the only addition to the space, as we also have a lovely new communal table, a splash of paint, and some other little bits and bobs as we grow into the space. It has been an exciting start to the life of The Kitchen and The Circus Apartments, what with the festive season, fashion week, and now the Berlinale, and we are really pleased with how everything is going. And if you are in Berlin and haven’t yet popped your head around the door to see the new space, then please come by as we would love to see you… you might even leave with a recipe for a new favourite meal.

You can  find the Bibliotheca Culinaria shop at Zehdenicker Str. 16, or online here: