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Out from Berlin: The 1936 Olympic Village

OV_dining hall inside Sometimes Jim likes to go exploring, and for this blog he has headed west to the site of the athletes’ village during the 1936 Olympic Games… The 1936 Olympics are famed because of a certain Jesse Owens making a mockery of Hitler’s ludicrous master race ideals when he won 4 gold medals. The Olympic village housed 3748 male athletes (the 328 women were else where closer to the stadium) in 140 apartment building and was designed to cater for the all the athletes needs, including swimming pools cinemas and 38 dining halls. After the games the village accommodated an Infantry regiment of the German Wehrmacht, who were subsequently replaced in 1945 for the next 47 years by the Soviet Army. The whole area now stands in ruins…

There are tours run at 11am Monday to Friday and 12.00 and 15.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. The tours only go in German, some of the guides speak a tiny bit of English then some guides not a sausage. The thing is without the guide you can’t get into the different building and that is where all the juicy photo opportunities are. Very interesting Nazi and soviet propaganda. It might seem a bit odd going on a tour and not understanding a word but I can only suggest that you go for it.

OV_Dining Gall

OV_nazi propaganda

OV_swimming pool

OV_wooden horse

Special Info: if you happen to be in Berlin this summer, Jim is running two tours for Circus guests to the Olympic Village, on the 31st July and 7th August. Check out the Jimbo’s Crazy Tours page for more information.