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Impressions of Berlin, by Maigen Sawyer

berlin13 Earlier in the week we discovered the work a guest of ours, who had stayed at the hostel and posted some images from her trip to Berlin on her blog. In amongst her wonderful impressions of our home city, she had as taken some of the hostel. Maigen is from Houston, Texas, and travels the world in search of great images. Her recent travels have taken her through Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and, of course, Germany. Back home now, she has kindly offered that anyone who is heading across the Atlantic for a trip can hit her up for some advice – perhaps through twitter? Anyway, we like to hear from our guests and see what they are up to, and we thought it would be nice to share some more of Maigen’s work here on the blog. So take a look at some more of her work:









Check out more of Maigen’s work on her website and blog