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A Perfect Day with… Jared

Tiergarten (above: the Tiergarten - the green heart of Berlin) Welcome to our new series of special blogs where different members of the Circus team take you their very personal perfect day around the city. First up is Jared D. Goldman, Bar Manager at the Circus and the go-to guy for the best places to eat and drink in the city. But he has more ideas than just getting fed, as you will see... UP IN TIME FOR BREAKFAST... For a typical late breakfast I would head over to Strandbad Mitte, only a hop, skip and a jump away from the Circus. Here you will find a few different breakfast options, including traditional German plates piled with cold meats, cheeses, eggs and a variety of tofu tips, all served with excellent fresh bread. Midday is the peak time, especially on the weekends, so get there earlier or later. GOOD MORNING BERLIN... If it is your first time in Berlin and want to get your bearings, learn some history, and get a good understanding of the city then get on the Brewers Berlin all day tour that picks up from the Circus. Terry Brewer founded this company as Terry’s Top Hat tours and the guides he picked and trained live to show you the city and answer all the questions you can think of. Be warned though: all day can certainly mean ALL DAY, so some of the following suggestions might be best for the day after the tour!


(above: this is who could be showing you around… the lovely Brewer’s team in all their glory)


Being an American expat I miss the burritos and other foods that I grew up with. Dolores, with a branch on Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße (not far from the Circus) offers up California Style Burritos, with meat and vegan options. All ingredients are freshly prepared and this place can get so popular there can be a wait at peak times… but the music is good and the food is worth it.


After exploring the city on a walking tour, perhaps it

is time to escape the hustle and bustle by walking through the Brandenburg Gate and getting yourself lost in Tiergarten. After you have wandered the footpaths through the trees for a while, marvelling that the fact you can do this right in the middle of the city, head for the Cafe am Neuen See, a beautiful spot by the lake for a drink or two.


Honigmond is a hotel, but connected to the hotel is a traditional German restaurant that is one of the best around. They have a seasonal menu, and thus focus on the produce that is available at a particular time of year. Lots of dark wood, a laid back atmosphere, and in the summer, some tables outside.


Nightlife can go very late in Berlin, but there is nothing I like more than sitting up at a bar with a drink in the hand, watching a good bartender do their thing with some good company by my side. Check out Windhorst, close to Friedrichstraße, which is a neighbourhood bar with excellent cocktails but where it is still laid back enough to order a beer. The ingredients are all fresh, and you can taste that in the drinks which are amazing and – in my experience – impossible to recreate. The perfect end to the perfect day.