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History Tour: The DDR Museum and Karl-Marx-Allee

Karl Marx Allee

As part of our regular programme of Tuesday morning free History Tours, hosted by Andrew and Jim, we are heading off tomorrow morning to the DDR Museum, followed by a trip to Karl-Marx-Allee in the company of one of the museum team. The DDR Museum is the place to learn about “everyday life” in the old East Germany, whether it is trying out the front seat of a Trabant for size, getting comfy in the replica of an classic Plattenbau apartmanet, or learning through the many hands on and multimedia exhibits about what exactly was a Pioneer, who Jurgen Sparwasser was, and what on earth

doe Subotnik mean.

Afterwards we will be heading to Karl-Marx-Allee, the showpiece boulevard built by the communist regime as “Palaces for the People” as well as being the main route for those red-flag-waving military parades the leaders of the workers’ and peasants’ republic loved so much.

So join us for a tour back in time to when East was East, and get a greater sense of how it was to live in the German Democratic Republic in the forty-odd years of its existence. The tour is free for Circus guests, but please note you will need a public transport ticket.