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Ally takes you to the Long Night of the Museums


This coming Saturday, the 16th March, is the next Long Night of the Museums here in Berlin. Twice a year over 70 museums open their doors throughout an evening to give a special glimpse of their exhibitions, through guided tours, interesting concerts, special performances and interactive workshops. There is loads to see and do, and actually the choice can be somewhat overwhelming… which is where Ally comes in.

Ally, our bartender and street art tour guide is our self-proclaimed art nerd, and she wants to take you on a unique trip through the Long Night of the Museums to give you a taste of Berlin’s fascinating culture. She will curate your evening for you, so you can let yourself be guided and be surprised at what she has in store.

Tickets for the Long Night of the Museums cost €18 (which includes all entry fees and public transport) and Ally will take you from the Circus and into the night. If you are interested in joining in, please let the reception know as there are limited places available. See you for some culture on Saturday!