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The Circus in profile – Berliner Volksbank annual report


Last week the Berliner Volksbank published their business report for 2012, which also featured a focus on tourism in Berlin and Brandenburg. Amongst the articles included in the publication was a profile of The Circus, exploring the history of the company and key elements of The Circus philosophy. It also features the above photograph of the five owners of the company (l/r: Tilman Hierath, Christian Göppert, Andrew “Jim” Hadfield, Andreas Digel and Andreas Becker), as well as some our guests, Jule from our reservations office, and Roman, head chef in our restaurant Fabisch.

You can find the report here (it is in German) with the Circus story starting on page 5. Here is Andreas’s reaction:

“When the report from the Berliner Volksbank, which contains their annual accounts and has a print run of forty thousand, landed on our desks I couldn’t help but think back to the early days of The Circus. I remember walking the streets of Berlin with my mates, dressed in jeans and t-shirts, and marching into any bank we saw to try and persuade them to lend us the twenty thousand euros we needed to get The Circus project off the ground. Each time we walked in, and each time we failed… thirteen times.

So to find ourselves in the annual report of one of Berlin’s biggest banks is one of those moments where you realize you have come a long way, and as always, we have to offer up a big thank you to all those involved in the journey.” – Andreas Becker