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More new ideas for the Circus Hostel

Renovation Inspiration

As regular readers of the Circus Blog know, and those of you who have been to stay with us in recent months might have noticed, during last winter we took the chance to create a new-look lobby and lounge space on the ground floor of the Circus Hostel, as well as the terrace spaces for hostel guests and the Circus Café.  But as ever at the Circus, our design team of Sandra and Julia do not like to stand still for long, and are currently developing the plans for the next round of renovations later in the year.

There are a number of plans in the pipeline, from a complete re-working of the bar and café spaces, that will be part of a brand new “gastronomic concept” for the hostel for 2014 and which we have been travelling Europe to gather inspiration for, and which we are extremely excited about. Added to this, we will be working throughout the building to modernise and improve the technical infrastructure of the hostel. As this includes improvements to the fire protection, heating and ventilation systems, and with it will bring a lot of noise and dust, we have decided to close the Circus Hostel from the 1st November to the 15th December whilst we make the changes. Please note – if you had a reservation for that period, the Circus will be able to accommodate you so no-one is going to miss out! The reservation office will contact those people shortly, but if you have any questions you can drop us a line at or call us on +49 (0) 30 2000 3939.

Creative Team

So never fear, there will still be time to visit the Christmas Markets – although whether you will want to leave our spectacular new space remains to be seen – and we will have the hostel ready for all of you who are planning to make the Circus your home from home over the holiday period. As you can see from the photo above Sandra and Julia are working hard to develop their plans and we will of course be giving you some sneaky peaks here on the blog in the coming weeks and months.