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Jared’s Trip to London… this time he’s hungry


Last week, we heard about Bar Manager Jared Goldman’s trip to the bars of London, all in the name of research. But he was not only drinking, as Thirsty Jared was also Hungry Jared, and here are some of his culinary highlights of his time in the British capital…

Some might say English food is a bit boring, and if your idea of it is the many German interpretations of English breakfast then that point of view is understandable. But during my time in London I was continually fascinated by the food and the food offers, and at no point did I find any of it boring in any way.

(Disclaimer: Yes, I admit it. I had some greasy fish and chips late at night. But this was in no way representative of my experience, which was more about the discovery of a number of places that are now very high up my ever-expanding all-time favourite list!)

Borough Market


This is a must for any foodie. You might have sensed by my recent Street Food Thursday blog that I was in food heaven, but the Borough Market eclipses anything I experienced in Berlin. Here I discovered a new food universe, and I wished my stomach was larger so that I could have tried even more delights. To be honest, I did not know where to start. But to name a few of the things I sampled: Sausage on a stick, Japanese pot stickers or Gyoza, some wonderful breads and coriander crepes.

The list goes on and on as each of the vendors were happy to give you free samples to try and persuade you to fall in love with their flavours and buy a bigger portion… I was in absolute foodie heaven!



I had visited Tayyabs on my last trip to London, and a re-visit was a must for their Punjabi cuisine. Last time I was there it was a Saturday night and we had to wait an hour and a half for a table, it is so popular. Its BYOB, so make sure you grab some beers from the nearby supermarket before heading in.

I already knew what I wanted: the marinated lamb chops. Spiced to perfection and marinated just right, each bite was an explosion of flavor. I spent a good amount of time making sure that not one piece of lamb was left. By the end of my meal my fingers were stained red, but I did not care… this place is a must, but I would suggest to go in the afternoon to beat the evening crowds.



This was a new discovery for me. It was a warm day, and it took me a while to find it, but it was high on my list as a place not to miss. I was happily rewarded not only with an amazingly designed restaurant, but the discovery that they had a specially crafted India Pale Ale to cool my down after my afternoon of wandering about the city. I kept my eyes on what other people was ordering, and when I saw something I fancied I pointed at it and ordered it up. It was the chicken and pomegranate salad containing pulled murgh malai, home made slaw, pomegranate, mint and coriander.

This was a perfect selection of spices mingled with the tart sweetness of the pomegranate, and it come together to create a well-balanced, refreshingly light lunch. It was so good, and something like I have never had before, which means next time I am in London I will be heading back to visit my new friend.

I could probably go on and on, but here are the three highlights of my trip, and places that I can highly recommend should you ever be over in London.