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Road to Japan #6: From Saratov to Samara

16. August 2012

10th August – Saratov (above: safe parking, Saratov style) I had a bit of an Action B-Movie moment today when the tire of a truck in front of me burst with a massive bang, [...]

Road to Japan #5: Volgograd

10. August 2012

…formerly Stalingrad – 9th August Had my first banya today…Bliss. One of the legacies of 70 years of socialism in Russia is definitely a relaxed attitude [...]

Road to Japan update…

9. August 2012

Due to the strange world of emails, internet, and attempting to document Andreas and Pierre’s trip from a small house in the woods, something got lost during [...]

Road to Japan #3: Departure…

31. July 2012

Andreas, one of the co-owners of the Circus, left Berlin last Thursday on a motorbike trip to Japan. Here we have his first video diary – from the moments just before [...]
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