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Sounds of the Past: Eastern Crates

17. May 2010

On a rainy weekend in the office, I discovered something to cheer up my mood…and forget the miserable weather and the pile of work on my desk. Eastern Crates is a website [...]

Walled In – How Germany was Divided

24. March 2010

This video, which shows through animation the border that seperated East and West Germany, as well as East and West Berlin, was made by Deutsche Welle. With so little of the [...]

Streetart in Berlin: BLU

19. March 2010

Berlin is a city in which people love to paint on walls…but you don’t often get a chance to see how it is done. The video is by the artist BLU, as he adds his own [...]

Berlin Block Tetris

11. March 2010

Created by London-based moving image, fine arts and animation student Sergej Hein. You can read about his inspiration for the video and how he made it on the Youtube [...]

Images of the City: Color Berlin

4. March 2010

(Photo (c) Matthias Heiderich) As spring slowly pushes back the cold and ice of winter and the city begins to warm up, we realise – as we do every year around this time [...]

A Stroll through Berlin’s Streets

2. March 2010

This video of free running through the streets of Berlin is made by a young Berlin filmmaker Björn Beau …check out both the myspace page and the youtube channel for [...]

Club Transmediale Compilation to Download

22. January 2010

As you might have seen previously on the blog, the Club Transmediale is coming to town at the end of January, and the good folks at CTM, in association with the zero” [...]
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