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Jared’s Jaunts: Berlin Coffee Festival

18. September 2015

There seems to be a festival for everything these days in Berlin and needless to say, we recently had the Berlin Coffee Festival held in various spots around the city and on [...]

Jared’s Jaunts: Introduction

10. September 2015

Today we start a new series called Jared’s Jaunts. Jared, our Bar Manager, considers himself someone very much so in tune with the pulse of the city and with this new [...]

Jared goes to the Berlin Marathon

4. October 2013

Every year just as the weather starts to change and the leaves start to drop the Berlin Marathon comes to town. The streets are sprayed with blue lines all across the city [...]

Thirsty Jared goes to London

12. July 2013

Bar Manager Jared heads across the channel all in the name of research… It is a difficult job, but someone has to do it… and so this weekend I left behind my beloved [...]

Hungry Jared – Honigmond

4. June 2012

OK, so it has been a while… but now Mr Goldman has finally moved out of Mitte, what does he do? He heads back to his old hood for a bit of a nostalgic meal at the [...]

Hungry Jared – Mr Goldman goes to Bandol

11. February 2011

On a Sunday evening, when I once more could not be assed to cook for my girlfriend, I decided to treat her to a meal a a little joint I know on Torstrasse. Once a fastfood [...]

Mr. Goldman goes to Grill Royal

12. January 2011

On Saturday night it was my girlfriend’s birthday, and as you know Mr Goldman likes the romantic gesture, so I had to make the right choice for dinner. The occasion called [...]

Mr Goldman and the Streets of London

10. November 2010

Last weekend Mr Goldman and four former Circus staff members Sean, Theo, Robin and Nate, accompanied by the Circus football team’s temperamental midfield maestro Tommy [...]
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