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Letter from Sarajevo

8. October 2010

Jared is away at the moment, and is spending time in a place that is close to both our hearts: Sarajevo. The following is from an email he sent, that he agreed could be [...]

A Nice Day for a White Wedding

28. June 2010

A little over a week ago one of the Circus team got married. Indeed, for Konny and his lovely bride Cami it was their 3rd wedding…and Jared went along to the Dorfkirche [...]

Mr Goldman goes to Bar Zone

13. May 2010

(Taking a break from his tour of Berlin’s best bars, Jared finds something else that is just as good…a trip to one of Berlin biggest bar conventions…) I am [...]

Jared’s Bar Experience #5: Windhorst

28. April 2010

(Next up on Jared’s guide to the best bars of Berlin and elsewhere is Windhorst, a great little place in the heart of the city) Located on a side street close to [...]

Jared at the Sage Bar School

15. April 2010

(Last year our bar manager Jared took a course at the Sage Bar School in Berlin, which was five intense days of bartender training, the results of which you can taste in [...]

Mr Goldman and his Bar

9. April 2010

It all started about 8 months ago when we heard that we had the chance to renovate the hostel. The owners asked the bar to brainstorm and that no idea was out of the [...]
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