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Originally from Lancashire in the north of England, Paul Scraton is responsible for Company Communications at The Circus. If you would like to get in contact with him, you can reach him by email at paul.scraton [at]

Textile Art Berlin

As you might know, the Circus crew are hard at work – when we are not watching the football – making plans for developments in all three houses as part of our Creativity Bonanza… and part of this means getting out there and getting inspired. On Saturday our designers Sandra and Julia headed to Textile Art Berlin to see what they could discover…

“Sandra and I went to TEXTILE ART BERLIN searching for textile art inspiration for the hotel lobby. It is a 2-day fair for contemporary textile art and design with exhibitions, stalls selling all sorts of haberdashery, fabric, books and more for textile handicrafts, film screenings, workshops, fashion shows and more. We concentrated on the exhibitions presenting all types of textile art and handicrafts from patchwork over weaving and tatting to printing. Our personal favorites were the woven series “Women in their fifties” by Laima Oržekauskienė as well as the sewn and watercolored scenes by Rita Zepf and individual pieces such as a fascinating weaving by Giedre Bartelt.” – Julia

GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Blimey Charlie, this World Cup is turning into something very special indeed when it comes to action on the pitch. Not only were there goals galore in the group stages, but in the second round all sixteen teams gave it a good go and there were some extremely dramatic finishes. There will be plenty of “what ifs” as well, especially from fans of Chile and Switzerland… whilst both Algeria and the USA put on a show that hardly any of us would have expected, apart from perhaps their most hardcore fans.

But we have to wave goodbye to some good teams, as we head towards the Quarter Finals. As always we have all the games shown live on the big screen in our World Cup Lounge at Katz & Maus, a daily happy hour from 8-9pm, and on Saturday, the fourth installment of the World Cup Quiz.

Friday 4th July

6pm Kickoff – GERMANY vs France
10pm Kickoff – Brazil vs Colombia

Saturday 5th July

6pm Kickoff – Argentina vs Belgium
10pm Kickoff – Netherlands vs Costa Rica

Here are some more pics from some fun nights down at the World Cup Lounge:






Rummelsberg 06.07

After the fantastic opening party a few weeks ago, it is time for the second installment of the FLY Watergate Open Airs at Rummelsburg this coming Sunday. On 6th July it is time for Suol vs Mobilee vs Watergate, and here’s what our mates have to say about the event:

“For months we have been looking forward to dance barefeet through the sand, watch the sun’s rays twinkle on the Spree and rubbing the marks from our sunglasses on our nasal bridge. With great relief we can announce that those days have finally arrived. By that we mean the festival at Rummelsburg! And even better than a Watergate-Festival at Rummelsburg is the fact that we can spend it with our dear friends from Suol and Mobilee.

Without a doubt it is a great pleasure being able to experience it all with you! Get ready for Fritz Kalkbrenner’s live show, a thrilling set by Seth Troxler and a dose of Tiefschwarz in broad daylight. Also we have Anja Schneiders Sound in our beautiful Spree setting, Daniel Bortz delivering emotional tunes and the not-so- sleepy Pillow Talk. Suol-trio Chopstick, Johnjon and Till Von Sein are on board too with Rodriguez Jr. and Re.You letting you ride their sonic waves. To complete this phenomenal extravaganza we invited our beloved friends Matthias Meyer, Ruede Hagelstein and Meggy.”

As always, we have tickets available at the reception of the Circus Hostel for €19,50, and it promises to be some party… check out the facebook page of the event for more information, as well as links to the artists performing on Sunday.


Berlins biggest off-scene art festival takes place again this weekend – 48 Stunden Neukölln invites you to see and be part of projects at more than 200 locations. This year’s festival will be themed around “courage”. Not only Berlin based but also international artists ask the question on how open-minded society really is.

Over 300 concerts, exhibitions, movies, concerts and interdisciplinary projects take place in between Maybachufer, Tempelhofer Feld and Sonnenallee. Such as: queer live in Kiev documented with Lomo cameras at Neukölln Arcaden. Social-design start up ‘be able’ presenting their work of enabling inclusion and integration for socially marginalized groups in an open art gallery. A museum of capitalism where social circumstances become tangible.  And ‘Zeitmaschine’ (time machine) – a video installation that makes the visitor see his immediate past and shows the uncertainty of the future.

Experience art at the most remote places and non-places.

Photo Copyright © Caterina Böcker für Kulturnetzwerk e.V.


For those of you who read the Circus Blog on a regular basis, you will know that we like the pocket books from Berlin-based publishers Readux so much that we sell them in the Circus Hotel. Next Wednesday will see the launch of the third series of four books, and there is a launch event taking place at one of our favourite Berlin craft breweries, Vagabund in Wedding. You can find out more information about the launch party here, and here is a brief intro to the books that make up series #3:

“For those of you who loved our translation of Franz Hessel’s 1929 In Berlin, we’re proud to present Arthur Eloesser’s Cities and City People. Published a decade earlier, in 1919, it takes Berlin’s meteoric growth as the starting point for examining the meaning of urbanity.

Flash forward to the end of the 20th century, and you’ll find David Wagner visiting Friedrichstrasse, Schönhauser Allee, and Café M in Berlin Triptych. Wagner revisits those locations again in 2013, noting the changes he observes and creating a fascinating record of Berlin in the past fifteen years.

Berlin-based author Brittani Sonnenberg casts her eye further afield with Hong Kong Buffet. Her story about the patrons and employees of a restaurant in Pocahontas, Mississippi is an entertaining tour de force in the voices of rural America. We’d also like to congratulate Brittani on the tremendously successful launch of her debut novel Home Leave.

Amanda Svennson’s Where the Hollyhocks Come From is a story of attraction and repulsion with a compelling, lyrical style. It makes up the third installment in our series presenting stories from Sweden’s most exciting contemporary authors.

Our covers for this series are by Berlin illustrator Lisa Schweizer.”

We will hopefully have the books available to buy in the Circus Hotel very soon, and in the meantime, you can of course buy both print and electronic versions from the Readux website.


There are many neighbourhood and street festivals taking place in Berlin over the summer, and one of our favourites is the Bergmannstraßenfest, down in Kreuzberg. The street itself is filled with stalls offering all kinds of great things to eat and drink, reflecting the multicultural makeup of the surrounding neighbourhood, as well as arts and crafts and other goodies.

Alongside the street festival are several stages, and it is the jazz music performed over the weekend that draws much of the crowds to this corner of Kreuzberg. The three stages can be found on Bergmannstraße at the corner of Mehringdamm, Nostitzstraße and Zossener Straße respectively, and over the three days there are over fifty performances from musicians that come from Berlin, Germany, and around the world.

Bergmannstraßenfest / Kreuzberg Jazzt
Friday 27th June – Sunday 29th June
Website including downloadable programme

WM Lounge Belgium

“We’re going home, we’re going home, we’re going… England’s going home…” Yes, for some of us here at the Circus – the English, the Spanish and the Aussies – it has been a traumatic week of World Cup football. For others things have been a little more successful. Above you can see Jared (USA!) and our good friends the Bertels from Belgium, who are still fighting on in the competition long after Roy’s Boys have caught the plane home.

Of course, Jared will now have his loyalties divided as Germany take on the United States in the final round of group games, and by Friday morning we will know the make up of the sixteen-team Second Round. The final round of group games are always played simultaneously, so we had to make a selection of what we are going to show this week, and the choices we made are as follows:

Monday 23rd June
6pm: Netherlands vs Chile
10pm: Croatia vs Mexico

Tuesday 24th June
6pm: Italy vs Uruguay
10pm: Japan vs Colombia

Wednesday 25th June
6pm: Nigeria vs Argentina
10pm: France vs Ecuador

Thursday 26th June
6pm: Germany vs USA
10pm: Belgium vs South Korea

So why don’t you come and join us at Katz & Maus in the Circus Hostel and watch with the world? We have every game live on the big screen, a daily happy hour of half price big beers from 8-9pm, tipping competitions for each match, and on Saturday evening throughout the tournament we have a special World Cup Quiz with great prizes to be won. We also have a lovely World Cup Wall Chart which you can pick up from the hostel, or if you want to download it and print it out at home you can do so here.

All Certificates

We received some nice post this week… Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence for the Circus Hostel, Hotel, Apartments and Fabisch… and of course, it means a lot to us because of the fact that these are based on the reviews of our guests, and it is nice to receive positive feedback!

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