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Originally from Lancashire in the north of England, Paul Scraton is responsible for Company Communications at The Circus. If you would like to get in contact with him, you can reach him by email at paul.scraton [at]

ken burke

After the success of our first Sunday Social Film Night at the Circus Hostel, it is time for a bit of live music this Sunday evening as we welcome old Circus friend Ken Burke to the stage down in the basement of Katz & Maus. Ken will be performing his very own brand of celtic-folk-tinged acoustic pop from 9pm, and we are sure it is going to be perfect way to end another great weekend in Berlin so come down and join us at the Sunday Social.

Sunday Social

And so it begins… as those of you who love the city as much as we do know, time never stands still in Berlin. This is a place that has known change and upheaval throughout its history, and if the Circus is anything it is a child of this city. As we approach our eighteenth birthday in 2015 we decided that it was time to take the next steps in our journey, a series of developments that we are sure will surprise, amaze and inspire the next generation of Circus guests. Once the dust settles after our colourful, spectacular, creativity bonanza it will still be the Circus you know and love… only more so!

So what do we have planned? Well, some of it is still firmly on the drawing board, but over the next few weeks and months we will be spreading more news about what is to come… and you can follow it all here on the Circus blog under the tagline Creativity Bonanza! For now, we caught up with Andreas, the founder and managing partner of the Circus to hear what he has to say about it all…

Many thanks to Christian and INCO MEDIA for filming the interview.


Each week at The Circus we offer a special free tour exclusively to guests to some of the most interesting corners of the city. In the past (and the future) these have included the Stasi Headquarters and Museum, the Otto Weidt Museum, the Topography of Terror and more. Tomorrow we have a new destination for our Tuesday tour, and that is the New Synagogue on Oranienburger Straße:

“With a total of 3200 seats, the Neue Synagoge became the largest Jewish house of worship in Germany when it was built. Find out what constitutes a synagogue and why this particular synagogue, irrespective of its size, is unique in Germany. Discover why, in contrast to churches, there are no paintings on the wall. Learn about the imposing architecture and its architect Eduard Knoblauch and the significant “Schwedler Dome.” What links the Jewish philosopher, Moses Mendelssohn and the Synagogue, and what was Jewish life like in Berlin around 1900? What did it mean to be a Jew in Germany and Berlin then and now. Why, in contrast to many other synagogues, was this synagogue spared from fire at the November 1938 pogrom?”

These are just some of the questions the tour will answer, and it promises to be another fascinating Tuesday trip out from The Circus. The tour of the New Synagogue is free for Circus guests, but places are limited so if you are interested in joining us, make sure you register at reception.

Photo by Sarah Ewart (via Wikimedia CommonsLicense)

Style Guide Blog 1

We were extremely pleased to discover that along with some of our own favourite places to eat, shop and have fun in Berlin, the Circus Hostel and Hotel were featured in the newly published National Geographic Styleguide. The selections were made by a pair of Berliners, and as you can imagine we have a couple of copies in our libraries at Fabisch and the Kitchen so you can take a look for yourself. If you are interested in getting a copy, you should know that it is in German, and you can order it from the National Geographic shop online.

Style Guide Blog 2

Sunday Social

This Sunday at Katz & Maus in The Circus Hostel we will be launching a regular new event… Sunday Social! Every week we will head down to the basement lounge and unwind at the end of the weekend, with a changing programme of events that will include trivia nights, history talks, live music events and open mic sessions. This week we will having a film screening, with a special surprise screening of a Berlin classic.

We are really looking forward to hosting these Sunday evening events, and we hope to see you down in Katz & Maus to tell us about your weekend and to join in the fun.

lufthansa plane

The German airline Lufthansa have cancelled nearly four thousand flights due to a pilot’s strike which began today (Wednesday 2nd April) and will last until Friday (4th April). This will of course have an effect on Circus guests – both those who are coming to Berlin and those who are already with us, so we have gathered together the following information:

For domestic German flights Lufthansa passengers can transfer their tickets to the Deutsche Bahn and take the train.

For international flights you can get up to date information and help from Lufthansa directly through their website or on the following info number: 0800 850 60 70

To find out if your flight has been cancelled, follow this link and adjust the filter to show the flights in and out of Berlin.

Please note – the strike is of Lufthansa pilots and all other airlines are flying in and out of Berlin as normal. As always, if you need any help then get in contact with us via email, telephone (+49 30 2000 3939) or if you are in Berlin, come and speak to us at reception.

Photo: Lasse Fuss via Wikimedia Commons

Unter den Linden
So we all made it… the Circus runners of Jim, Paul, Ivi and Johann all crossed the finish line. Unfortunately we don’t have a picture of Johann out on the course, but a quick check of the results shows that he does take the prize for the quickest Circus half marathon. Not that time matters, as everyone agrees – even Jimbo – that it was a lot of fun to run 21 kilometres through the streets of our city, and past many of the famous landmarks of Berlin. Afterwards we stopped by the hostel for a few beers, and there were a number of guests nursing sore legs but with the finishers medal around their necks… we spoke to a few of them, but we also wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate everyone who took part… same time and place next year? Jared has already promised to start training, so hopefully the Circus team will be even bigger next time around…

(Go on Jim… you know you want to)

Jimmy on the move…


Ivi is all smiles at 17 km


Paul is imagining the beer at the finish line


How a country presents itself is always interesting, especially when you are talking about a regime such as the one that ruled the German Democratic Republic (GDR – East Germany) until the fall of the Berlin Wall. The German Historical Museum in Berlin has just launched a special exhibition that for the first time showcases the officially commissioned photography of the GDR, which were taken by two photojournalists – Martin Schmidt and Kurt Schwarzer – who were commissioned by various organizations such as trade unions, agricultural collectives, kindergartens and more, to present positive aspects of life in the country for both domestic and international consumption.

Also important was the fact that these images were in colour:

“It was supposed to exude – especially in the 1960s – a spirit of optimism and new beginning and to present the GDR as a modern state. Up-to-date factories, efficiently organised agricultural production, new construction projects and the great variety of social achievements propagated by the state were advantageously depicted in colour, and thus colour photography became the expression of modernity in Socialism. At the same time it illustrated the promise of a socialist future.”

The exhibition runs until 31st August, and admission to the German Historical Museum is €8 (€4 reduced). Beyond this special exhibition, the permanent exhibition on the history of Germany is well worth a look, although if you are a history buff then be warned… you can spend a lot of time in there!

Colour for the Republic

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