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Monday Magic

We have done this before, and we are doing it again… for the foreseeable future we will be offering a FREE KEG OF BEER down in the basement bar of Katz & Maus EVERY MONDAY EVENING as part of our (old) new event MONDAY MAGIC! We will tap the keg at 7pm, and beer will be free until the keg runs dry. So the moral of the story is clearly this: come early, or go thirsty!


Ninety minutes from glory… yes, here in Berlin the nerves are already jangling as we wait for Sunday evening and the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina. We have been here before, of course. Germany played in the final twelve years ago, whilst the 2014 edition is a re-run of the finals of 1986 and 1990. In 1986 Diego Maradona inspired Argentina to victory in Mexico, whilst Beckenbauer’s boys got revenge in Italy four years later.

With Germany coming into Sunday’s game on the back of an almost unbelievable 7-1 shellacking of hosts Brazil in the semi-final, Argentina will know that their team, led by Lionel Messi, will have to be at the absolute peak of their powers to grab the famous trophy in their rival’s backyard… it has all the makings of an incredible game, and of course we will be showing it live on the big screen down in Katz & Maus, with kickoff at 9pm.

The night before we are also showing the Third Place Playoff game between the Netherlands and Brazil. Kickoff is at 10pm, and at 8pm we will be hosting the final edition of our very special World Cup Quiz, with prizes to be run. On both days we will have our World Cup Happy Hour – with big beers half price between 8 and 9pm…

So good luck to all teams… and if Germany can pull this off, be ready for the party of the year! Here are some more impressions from the last few matches at Katz & Maus:




GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Blimey Charlie, this World Cup is turning into something very special indeed when it comes to action on the pitch. Not only were there goals galore in the group stages, but in the second round all sixteen teams gave it a good go and there were some extremely dramatic finishes. There will be plenty of “what ifs” as well, especially from fans of Chile and Switzerland… whilst both Algeria and the USA put on a show that hardly any of us would have expected, apart from perhaps their most hardcore fans.

But we have to wave goodbye to some good teams, as we head towards the Quarter Finals. As always we have all the games shown live on the big screen in our World Cup Lounge at Katz & Maus, a daily happy hour from 8-9pm, and on Saturday, the fourth installment of the World Cup Quiz.

Friday 4th July

6pm Kickoff – GERMANY vs France
10pm Kickoff – Brazil vs Colombia

Saturday 5th July

6pm Kickoff – Argentina vs Belgium
10pm Kickoff – Netherlands vs Costa Rica

Here are some more pics from some fun nights down at the World Cup Lounge:






WM Lounge Belgium

“We’re going home, we’re going home, we’re going… England’s going home…” Yes, for some of us here at the Circus – the English, the Spanish and the Aussies – it has been a traumatic week of World Cup football. For others things have been a little more successful. Above you can see Jared (USA!) and our good friends the Bertels from Belgium, who are still fighting on in the competition long after Roy’s Boys have caught the plane home.

Of course, Jared will now have his loyalties divided as Germany take on the United States in the final round of group games, and by Friday morning we will know the make up of the sixteen-team Second Round. The final round of group games are always played simultaneously, so we had to make a selection of what we are going to show this week, and the choices we made are as follows:

Monday 23rd June
6pm: Netherlands vs Chile
10pm: Croatia vs Mexico

Tuesday 24th June
6pm: Italy vs Uruguay
10pm: Japan vs Colombia

Wednesday 25th June
6pm: Nigeria vs Argentina
10pm: France vs Ecuador

Thursday 26th June
6pm: Germany vs USA
10pm: Belgium vs South Korea

So why don’t you come and join us at Katz & Maus in the Circus Hostel and watch with the world? We have every game live on the big screen, a daily happy hour of half price big beers from 8-9pm, tipping competitions for each match, and on Saturday evening throughout the tournament we have a special World Cup Quiz with great prizes to be won. We also have a lovely World Cup Wall Chart which you can pick up from the hostel, or if you want to download it and print it out at home you can do so here.

All Certificates

We received some nice post this week… Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence for the Circus Hostel, Hotel, Apartments and Fabisch… and of course, it means a lot to us because of the fact that these are based on the reviews of our guests, and it is nice to receive positive feedback!


(photo: © visitBerlin | Günter Steffen)

This Saturday is the 21st June, the “longest day of the year”, and it feels as if everyone will be out on the streets of Berlin over the weekend for a variety of different reasons. That is because not only does the annual Christopher Street Day parade fall on the same date as the Fete de la Musique, but there is the small matter of a German World Cup game as well…

CSD Berlin and Pride Week

The parties and events surrounding the annual Christopher Street Day in Berlin have already begun, as the city gets into the swing of a Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Pride week that will attract over one a half million people to the different activities taking place over the next few days. With some of the events already happening before the weekend, head over to Siegessäule magazine’s bi-lingual website to find out what is going on.

This is all leading up to the parades on the 21st June, of which there are three. CSD Berlin demonstration, which is traditionally the largest, will follow a route from Ku’damm to the Victory Column in the Tiergarten park. The Aktionsbündnis CSD, which is taking place for the first time, begins outside the Ugandan Embassy on Axel-Springer-Straße and finishes at Nollendorfplatz, whilst the so-called “little” CSD march will once again be taking place in Kreuzberg. There is an overview of the three parades and their routes on the Visit Berlin website.

As always, we know that for many travellers there is often insecurity when it comes to visiting a new country or city, around issues of security, safety and acceptance… you can be reassured that Berlin is one of the most welcoming cities there is. That said, if you do have any questions or would like more information about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender life in our city, all of us, including our gay and lesbian staff members, are more than happy to help. The Sieggesäule magazine, linked to above, has a bi-lingual website and is also full of useful information.

Fete de la Musique


(Photo: © visitBerlin | Scholvien)

The Fete de la Musique began in France in 1982 and its popularity has spread around the world. The idea is simple: every year on the 21st June musicians agree to perform for free, to promote live music and the enjoyment of music performance. Events can take place in bars, clubs and theatres, as long as they agree to the principle of free entry for the public, but the real special events are those that take place in public spaces such as parks and squares, on the street or in playgrounds.

We cannot even begin to list here all the different events that are taking place on Saturday – have a flick through the programme page on the website to see what is happening.

Germany vs Ghana at 9pm


(above: FIFA Fan Fest Berlin © ArGe Fanfest Berlin)

After a fantastic start to the tournament with a 4-0 victory over Portugal, the German national team will be taking to the field once again in Brazil on Saturday evening. They know that a win against Ghana will probably be enough to take them through to the next stage of the World Cup, whilst Ghana really need to win after losing to the United States in their opening fixture. If you want to join the tens of thousands watching the game with painted faces and plenty of black, red and gold flags in the Tiergarten, then we would certainly recommend getting their early to guarantee your entry. The gates open at 1pm. You can find details of the Berlin fan mile here.

Otherwise, come join us down in Katz & Maus in the Circus Hostel’s very own World Cup Lounge. We will be showing all three games on Saturday evening, starting with Argentina vs Iran at 6pm.

WM Lounge Pic

BOOM! That was the sound of Thomas Müller arriving at the 2014 World Cup in much the same way as he finished the last one… and the hattrick hero of the German team has now scored EIGHT goals in the two tournaments combined, which means he could be chasing down all kinds of records. Of course, for the atmosphere in Berlin it was great that Germany got off to a winning start, but here at The Circus we have any number of guests from any number of countries, and so the first week has seen happy Italians, ecstatic Dutch, philosophical English, despairing Spanish, proud Australians and pleasantly-surprised Americans, and much more in between.

So why don’t you come and join us at Katz & Maus in the Circus Hostel and watch with the world? We have every game live on the big screen, a daily happy hour of half price big beers from 8-9pm, tipping competitions for each match, and on Saturday evening throughout the tournament we have a special World Cup Quiz with great prizes to be won. We also have a lovely World Cup Wall Chart which you can pick up from the hostel, or if you want to download it and print it out at home you can do so here.

Here are the games taking place over the next few days…

Tuesday 17th June


Wednesday 18th June

9pm – SPAIN vs CHILE

Thursday 19th June

Midnight – JAPAN vs GREECE

Friday 20th June




UNIT Berlin

Despite the fact that all our eyes are on the World Cup at the moment (don’t forget to join us in the World Cup Lounge at Katz & Maus!), we are still working hard on our plans for renovations and developments that will impact on all aspects of the company, and which you can find out more details of if you read back through the “Creativity Bonanza” posts here on the Circus Blog. One thing we decided to do as part of this process was to bring some external help and ideas into the company, under the leadership of our head designer Sandra Ernst when it comes to questions of interior design.

One such cooperation that we have agreed is with the design and architecture company unit-berlin. They will be helping us with conceptual planning and design realisation for the Circus Hostel, and what we liked about their work is the fact that they have a playful and subtle approach to design and architecture, and are especially good with their use of materials and surfaces. One project that really caught Sandra’s eye was the exhibition design they did for one her favourite artists, Olafur Eliasson, at ZKM, as well as the work they did for HBC Restaurant and Bar (which you can see in the picture at the top of this post). Sandra and the rest of the Circus team are really looking forward to working with unit-berlin, and to see what kind of new ideas, inspiration and creativity they will bring to the Circus in the coming months.

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