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Circus co-owner Tilman Hierath has been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge… the only problem is, that is a very nice suit he is wearing and so he decided to take a different approach inspired by a certain actor out there. The ALS Association website is here… and we nominate everyone to do what they can for whichever cause is closest to them, whether it is time, money or raising awareness. Prost!


On the 18th October 2014 four members of the Circus team – Jonathan, Sam, Jan and Annika – will be taking part in the Krassfit Challenge to test not only themselves, but to raise some money for the Schülerpaten Berlin, a mentoring project here in Berlin that Circus has been supporting over the past year or so. Of course, to run thirteen kilometres over a variety of obstacles is not easy, and so our fantastic four need to get in training…

…and this is where you come in! Every Wednesday morning from now until the event on the 18th October, our Krassfitters will be running a stretch of the Berlin Wall here in Berlin as part of their preparations. The route is about seven kilometres, door-to-door from the Circus Hostel, and takes you past some of the principle Berlin Wall sights, including the Memorial and the Documentation Centre on Bernauer Straße, a watchtower that now houses a museum to Günther Litfin, the first person killed attempting to cross the Wall, and other sites of memory from the period in which Berlin was divided.

Jonathan, alongside Circus colleagues Paul and Jared , tested the route out this morning… and if you want to join in the fun, and see some historical sights along the way, the runners will be meeting each Wednesday morning at 9.30am in the Circus Hostel reception. A great way to start the day, and also you will be helping to motivate our brave team as they get ready for what promises to be one heck of a challenge. You can follow their progress here on the blog, and Jonathan will be writing something for us in the next few days to explain a little more about what Krassfit is all about… for now, take a look at some pics from our running route:








Coming up in our neighbourhood on Saturday is the fourth instalment of the Torstaßen Festival, taking place at venues along and close to the street that runs past both the Circus Hostel and the Circus Hotel:

“In cooperation with the venues, cafés, shops and bars in our neighborhood we present a musical matinee showcase with a current leftfield and cross-genre soundtrack. We see ourselves and our festival goers as explorers, who are not afraid to trust their curiosity instead of big headliners. We strive to be a forum for current and relevant development within Berlin’s music scenes: for locals, transients and their influencers.”

To join in the fun, you will need a ticket (€13 in advance, €15 on the day) which works as a pass to all participating venues. At the same time, other places in the neighbourhood are joining in the fun as “partycipants”, offering up a varied programme of side events and other fun and games.

At the Circus Hostel we will be hosting a special Pop Quiz in honour of the Torstraßen Festival, which will take place downstairs at Katz & Maus on Saturday evening from 9pm (admission for this is free). So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a pop culture brainiac, know your Backstreet from your Beastie Boys and your Flaming Lips from your Falco, then come and have a go at the quiz… it is hosted by Ally, our very own Queen of Pop, and there are some funky prizes to be won.

So… struggling with the local lingo? Need a bit of help to tell your Bratwurst from your Bratkartoffel? Never fear, because Jimbo is here! Now, our very own Jimbo might have been born within a Peter Schmeichel throw of Old Trafford on the edge of sunny Manchester, but he has been here in the German capital for fifteen years and during that time he has done daily battle with the German language… the result has been a honour-filled scoring draw, and so who better than to put together a very special podcast with the most important phrases you will need during your time with us in the German capital. Thankfully, he enlisted the help of Lisa in creating his very special non-essential guide to the German language, so have a listen for yourself… after all, you might even learn something.


So the Circus Creativity Bonanza continues apace… anyone who has been to Rosenthaler Platz in recent weeks will see that the renovations to both the hostel and hotel buildings are in full swing. On the hotel side, the new corner shop from our friends at UVR Connected has opened – we will be bringing you some photographs from the interior in the coming days – whilst across the street the Apotheke space has now joined the opticians under the deconstruction hammer.


But what to expect in the future? Well, behind the scenes the Circus team and our buddies at Unit Berlin have been formulating their plans for both inside and outside the hostel building, and today we are offering a sneak peak of what you can expect for the façade of the building. We have so many ideas that we cannot wait to share with you, so keep following us here on the blog to find out more in the coming weeks and months.

Monday Magic

We have done this before, and we are doing it again… for the foreseeable future we will be offering a FREE KEG OF BEER down in the basement bar of Katz & Maus EVERY MONDAY EVENING as part of our (old) new event MONDAY MAGIC! We will tap the keg at 7pm, and beer will be free until the keg runs dry. So the moral of the story is clearly this: come early, or go thirsty!


Ninety minutes from glory… yes, here in Berlin the nerves are already jangling as we wait for Sunday evening and the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina. We have been here before, of course. Germany played in the final twelve years ago, whilst the 2014 edition is a re-run of the finals of 1986 and 1990. In 1986 Diego Maradona inspired Argentina to victory in Mexico, whilst Beckenbauer’s boys got revenge in Italy four years later.

With Germany coming into Sunday’s game on the back of an almost unbelievable 7-1 shellacking of hosts Brazil in the semi-final, Argentina will know that their team, led by Lionel Messi, will have to be at the absolute peak of their powers to grab the famous trophy in their rival’s backyard… it has all the makings of an incredible game, and of course we will be showing it live on the big screen down in Katz & Maus, with kickoff at 9pm.

The night before we are also showing the Third Place Playoff game between the Netherlands and Brazil. Kickoff is at 10pm, and at 8pm we will be hosting the final edition of our very special World Cup Quiz, with prizes to be run. On both days we will have our World Cup Happy Hour – with big beers half price between 8 and 9pm…

So good luck to all teams… and if Germany can pull this off, be ready for the party of the year! Here are some more impressions from the last few matches at Katz & Maus:




GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Blimey Charlie, this World Cup is turning into something very special indeed when it comes to action on the pitch. Not only were there goals galore in the group stages, but in the second round all sixteen teams gave it a good go and there were some extremely dramatic finishes. There will be plenty of “what ifs” as well, especially from fans of Chile and Switzerland… whilst both Algeria and the USA put on a show that hardly any of us would have expected, apart from perhaps their most hardcore fans.

But we have to wave goodbye to some good teams, as we head towards the Quarter Finals. As always we have all the games shown live on the big screen in our World Cup Lounge at Katz & Maus, a daily happy hour from 8-9pm, and on Saturday, the fourth installment of the World Cup Quiz.

Friday 4th July

6pm Kickoff – GERMANY vs France
10pm Kickoff – Brazil vs Colombia

Saturday 5th July

6pm Kickoff – Argentina vs Belgium
10pm Kickoff – Netherlands vs Costa Rica

Here are some more pics from some fun nights down at the World Cup Lounge:






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