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If you have been to either the Circus Hostel or Hotel then you will know that our head designer Sandra Ernst likes her big, bold and bright colours. At the same time, when we are planning – as we are now and as you can see from the images above – the changes to the outside of the building, we are aware of the history of each building and the neighbourhood, and have chosen colours that fit the traditions of the architecture and its surroundings. Inside, of course, it is a different matter…

So when it came to creating a new uniform for our maintenance team, we stuck with the sober and restrained colours of the outside rather than the bright, playfulness  of the inside… perhaps because our Hausi team are the solid foundation that keeps the whole operation moving smoothly… here’s a sneak preview of the uniform, modelled by Milan with his own unique style and grace:



Elevate Good Times

THE CIRCUS HOSTEL NEEDS YOU! Yes, that’s right… in this creativity bonanza of ours, where we are taking ideas and inspiration from so many amazing designers, craftspeople and the Circus team itself, it is time for you guys to make your mark on the future of the hostel.

As you can see from the picture we are planning some changes to the Hostel Lobby, and we need a quote to illuminate the panels above the entrance to the lift. We think it should be something to do with travel, or the Circus, and it can be a maximum of eight words long.

Jim wants to hear all your great ideas, so send them by email to hadfield (at), and the winner will win a surprise prize from the new Circus Hostel Brewery (opening in January).

Those of you who have been following the tales of our Creativity Bonanza here at the Circus may remember this:


Well now, if you come on by to Rosenthaler Platz, you will find it looks more like this:




Yep, we are welcoming some new neighbours, and the first up and running is Mark and his wonderful Rizo Café Bar. Here’s what the Circus co-owner Andreas has to say:

“How often do you have the chance to welcome Berlin’s best-dressed barista into your building? We renovated the Hostel building to bring a bit of fresh air into the house, to add some extra value for the guests, and to simply make it look better. We have achieved all this, and then we get a mean quiche on top! We´re really happy that Rizo Café and Bar has opened on our premises, and we wish them all the best for the upcoming years!”

Open daily from 8.30am until late, they offer homemade and tasty soups, sandwiches, pastries and other tasty treats,  such as the quiches Andreas mentions, as well as a great selection of drinks. We are extremely pleased to have another establishment raising the culinary bar on Rosenthaler Platz, so if you are in the neighbourhood and feeling peckish, go check out what Rizo’s all about.


Embassy in Prague

Next week we have a whole series of events taking place at the Circus to mark the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, on the 9th November 1989. You can find more information about all the things that are going on here, but one event we really wanted to highlight was the next in our series of Eyewitness History Talks in cooperation with the Centre for Witness to Contemporary History, which will be taking place in Fabisch at the Circus Hotel on Tuesday 4th November at 6pm.

We will be joined by Hans-Joachim Weber, who worked at the West German Embassy in Prague during those momentous months leading up to the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was here that that several thousand East German refugees set up camp in autumn 1989. Their eventual journey from Czechoslovakia to West Germany was one of the most symbolic moments in that dramatic period in history, and we are extremely pleased and grateful that Mr Weber will join us at Fabisch, to share his experiences.

As always, the talk is in English, is free and open to all, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Circus for what promises to be a fascinating evening.

On a related note, on the Tuesday morning at 9.45am we will also be running a tour for Circus guests to the Marienfelde Refugee Centre. This was the first port of call for East Germans who had fled the GDR for the West, both before the building of the Berlin Wall and after. The tour is free for Circus guests, although places are limited. Please sign up at reception and you will need a public transport ticket.

(Photo:  Tmv23 via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0)


This Friday Stephie is coming back for more Bootcamp action. Fancy the challenge? Here’s Jimbo to tell you what it was like…

The first ever Circus Hostel Boot Camp conducted by Stephie – our very own fully qualified personal trainer. Having never attending one of these courses I was kind of expecting Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket and, secretly and in a perverse way, wanting the Gunnery Sergeant. It turns out though our Stephie gets the same commitment and motivation by not shouting at all. Not a jot, nothing, nada.

Yet I can feel the muscles in my legs and stomach I didn’t know I had and apparently I have done wonderful things to my buttocks today. Jogging, stretching, squats, planking and sprints but nothing designed to kill you and tailored so that every level can take part. So if you fancy Circus Boot Camp will be going every Friday at 9am for Circus guests. See you there! Oh yeah, not wanting to brag I am “Level 2 Fitness” whatever that means…. Probably means that when Stephie asked if we warm enough after the warm up jog I had to confess that I was sweating buckets :)

Bootcamp is free to join, but places are limited so sign up at reception and get fit for the weekend!


Jared, Katrin, Esther, Jens and Jurgen drew the short straw last week as they tasted gins and worked on the recipe for our very own Circus versions of the classic spirit… Jared reports on the tasting and what we have to look forward to.

It began with a meet up with Marcus from the Alchemist who introduced me to the gins he was working on for us here at the Circus. We worked together on a recipe involving botanicals from his local garden and incorporated some of the flavours that I prefer. He then presented us four different types of gins – one the basic version, and the others infused with citron melissa, grapefruit, and lemon verbena, respectively.


All had their own distinct flavour characteristics, and everyone had their favourite. But still, I was not sure, and so I opened the tasting up to more members of the Circus team and this time I decided to offer the gins with tonic water as well, to see how they mixed, and if they kept their flavour characteristics in that classic long drink.


Interestingly, some of them that we had not been so keen on pure had a much different flavour profile with the tonic, which not only pleasantly surprised us, but made us all the more impressed with our new gin… which led us to the next step: why not create our own gin for the hostel and the hotel? And so that is what we did. We will have not only our very own Katz & Maus Gin but our very own Fabisch as well… they each have a distinct and exciting flavour profile, and both will be available in all three houses. They will be available very soon, so come on by and let’s talk some gin!


Do you like beer? Then you really should watch this video:



If you have passed through Rosenthaler Platz in the past week you will have seen the guys hard at work on the first steps of a new façade for the Circus Hostel building. As the renovations step up on both sides of the square in the hostel and the hotel we will continue to keep you posted with what is going on… in case you missed them before, check out the visualisations from our friends at UNIT Berlin below, to get an idea of what to expect for the hostel building.

Oh, and the thirsty amongst you should keep an eye out next week for a very, very special announcement…



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