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The Brewery Takes Shape…

19. December 2014

Oh yes, it is not long now… but, if you look at the image above you will see a man who is pondering one of the problems of the brewing process: getting the equipment down [...]

Circus Awards 2014

15. December 2014

Last night was the Circus staff Christmas Party at the Privatclub in Kreuzberg. Now, normally what happens at the Christmas Party stays at the Christmas Party, and this year [...]

Building the Fabisch Library

11. December 2014

Meet Alexander Becker from tipla – master builders and furniture designers from Kreuzberg, here in Berlin. As you will hear on the video, Alexander and his team built the [...]

New Furniture for Fabisch

9. December 2014

Things are taking shape across the Circus Hotel and Hostel as we continue to roll out the results of our Creativity Bonanza. Over the past few weeks, the hungry visitors to [...]

unit-berlin and The Circus Hostel

28. November 2014

Meet Hinnerk and Heike, the good folks behind unit-berlin and the renovations currently taking place at The Circus Hostel. We wanted to talk to them a bit about themselves, [...]

How we choose our colours

17. November 2014

If you have been to either the Circus Hostel or Hotel then you will know that our head designer Sandra Ernst likes her big, bold and bright colours. At the same time, when we [...]

Room for Improvement

12. November 2014

Hotel Manager Katrin Schönig on some of the improvements we are making to the rooms at the Circus Hotel, as part of our creativity bonanza on both sides of Rosenthaler [...]

E-le-vate good times, come on!

11. November 2014

THE CIRCUS HOSTEL NEEDS YOU! Yes, that’s right… in this creativity bonanza of ours, where we are taking ideas and inspiration from so many amazing designers, craftspeople [...]

It is still nice to get letters…

10. November 2014

Dear Iris-Lilly, Thank you so much for your letter, we were very happy to hear that Poppy made it home safe and sound. Can you please tell her that next time she wants to [...]
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