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Berlin Sessions @ The Circus

22. September 2015

Now that autumn is officially here, we held the last of our Summer Courtyard Concert series with Berlin Sessions. We spent the last summery evening in the courtyard listening [...]

Jared’s Jaunts: Berlin Coffee Festival

18. September 2015

There seems to be a festival for everything these days in Berlin and needless to say, we recently had the Berlin Coffee Festival held in various spots around the city and on [...]

Circus Selfie Around Berlin

16. September 2015

This week is our first week to try out our new interactive scavenger hunt, the Circus Selfie Around Berlin, a fun way to meet people at the hostel, romp around Berlin, see [...]

Jared’s Jaunts: Introduction

10. September 2015

Today we start a new series called Jared’s Jaunts. Jared, our Bar Manager, considers himself someone very much so in tune with the pulse of the city and with this new [...]

Berlin Circus Festival

7. September 2015

©Broken Haiku Surprisingly, we are not the only Circus in town. For the next week, right through until Sunday the 13th, the Berlin Circus Festival will be in town for the [...]

Pop-Kultur & East Side Music Days

26. August 2015

Pantha Du Prince © Pop-Kultur This year is the first year since 2010 that Berlin Music Week will take a different format. It used to be based in various venues around Berlin [...]

Silent Film Open Air @ Museum Island

20. August 2015

©InsomniaCuredHere For the fifth year running, UFA will be putting on a weekend of classic 1920’s silent films at Museum Island and each film will be accompanied by [...]

Potsdam Palaces By Night

13. August 2015

©Tobias Horvath Berlin’s neighbouring city, Potsdam, is, as some of you may not already know, palace-central. The city was home to Prussian Kings and the German Kaiser [...]

British Shorts Film Festival @ Cassiopeia

5. August 2015

The British Shorts Film Festival returns for its summer edition in the open air cinema at Cassiopeia this Friday the 7th of August. The biannual film festival never fails to [...]
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