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Thanks to our mates at ocelot, not just another bookstore we have a new selection of books for you to explore in the Fabisch Library at the Circus Hotel. Not only have Maria and Frithjof helped us make our picks, but we have made some our own and you can read about why we have chosen the books that we have. First up for Circus staff picks are Hotel Manager Katrin, who chose ‘Why we took the car’ by Wolfgang Herrndorf, and the Communications team Lisa and Paul, who chose ‘All the Lights’ by Clemens Meyer and ‘The Berlin Wall’ by Frederick Taylor respectively. Keep an eye out on the Fabisch Library during the upcoming renovations, as we will be extending our choices and adding more staff picks for you to try, and thanks again to our friends at ocelot for helping us with our selection.


About ocelot, not just another bookstore…

You can find ocelot on Brunnenstraße 181, only a few meters away from The Circus. What makes ocelot so special is not only the café, where you can hang out with your friends and family after an exciting tour through the city or read your new book right away, but the fact that it’s a place full of people who love literature. And who won’t hesitate to help you with even the most desperate calls for help – “I’m looking for this book with the blue cover, it shows a dog on the beach”. It is a short walk from the hotel, so why not go check it out?


Bild 183-L0521-0015

Next Tuesday (July 22nd) we are extremely pleased to be welcoming back to The Circus Jutta Hertlein, as part of our series of talks in cooperation with the ZZB – The Centre for Witness to Contemporary History. Frau Hertlein has been to The Circus before, and it was an extremely interesting evening as she told us all about her life and experiences of living in Berlin during the time the city was divided by the Berlin Wall.

Frau Hertlein grew up in East Berlin until the age of 13, when she moved with her mother to West Germany. At the age of 25 she moved back to Berlin with her husband, living in the West of the city for 24 years until the fall of the Berlin Wall. During that time she made many visits to friends and family in East German and the GDR, and some of the stories she tells about the border crossings are not only fascinating, but at times barely believable when we look back on it now.

After the talk Frau Hertlein will be available to answer any questions you might have. Once again we are expecting it to be an extremely interesting and informative evening and, as always, the talk will be in English and is open to everyone. We will be collecting donations to the ZZB, to help support them in their important work.


Where: Fabisch @ The Circus Hotel, Rosenthaler Strasse 1, Berlin-Mitte
When: Tuesday 22nd July 2014 at 6pm
Topic: Life in the Divided City
Speaker: Frau Jutta Hertlein

Image Credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-L0521-0015 / Kutscher (verehe. Kubiziel), Sig / CC-BY-SA

All Certificates

We received some nice post this week… Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence for the Circus Hostel, Hotel, Apartments and Fabisch… and of course, it means a lot to us because of the fact that these are based on the reviews of our guests, and it is nice to receive positive feedback!

ZZB Blog

On Tuesday 20th May 2014 we will be hosting the next of our eyewitness history talks as we once again welcome a speaker from the ZeitZeugenBörse e.V. (Centre for the Witness to Contemporary History), an organisation that brings together eyewitnesses to different periods and moments of history to share their experiences and memories with people like us.

The topic for this week’s talk is Life in Nazi Germany, and we will be joined by Walter Sylten. Walter is in his 80s, and he will talk about his childhood in Thuringen, as well as his father’s story. His father was a Lutheran Pastor who was in trouble with the regime and therefore banned from his work. After moving the family to Berlin he was involved in an organisation, to help people persecuted by the Nazis. Walter’s father was eventually sent to Dachau because of his work, where he was killed. After the war Walter was involved in attempts to form a democratic youth organisation in East Berlin, and ran into (in his words) “difficulties with the communist system.”

We are extremely pleased to be able to welcome Walter to the Circus on Tuesday, and please remember that the talks are in English and are open to everyone. There is no admission fee, but we will be collecting contributions for our donation to the ZZB to help them continue with their important work.

Where: Fabisch @ The Circus Hotel, Rosenthaler Strasse 1, U-Bhf. Rosenthaler Platz (U8)
When: Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 6pm
Topic: Life in Nazi Germany
Speaker: Walter Sylten


This Friday for our weekly live music events in Fabisch at The Circus Hotel we are extremely pleased and proud to be welcoming back to the stage one of our good friends and absolute favourite performers, IriS Romen.  A veteran of the Clärchens Ballhaus stage, IriS is putting on a solo show this Friday, including songs from her wonderful first album “Vintage Gal Hour”, available in all good record shops.

You can find out more information about IriS on her facebook page. There is no question that IriS is our favourite “Vintage Gal”, so make sure you get over to Fabisch on Friday to check it out. As always with our live music events, admission is absolutely free… see you there?!

IriS Romen, Live in Fabisch at The Circus Hotel
Friday 2nd May 2014 at 10pm

Once again we are really pleased to be welcoming another eyewitness speaker to the Circus, as part of our ongoing series of history talks in cooperation with the ZZB – The Centre for Witness to Contemporary History. The talk is taking place at The Circus Hotel on Tuesday 29th April, and as always it is completely free, takes place in English, and everyone is welcome.

Our speaker this month is Dr Harald Jancke. At the age of six years old, Dr Jancke and his family were taken from Germany at the end of the Second World War to the Soviet Union to a small town 120km north of Moscow. His father – a physicist – was one of thousands of specialists spirited away by the Soviet regime to “help” develop the weaponry that would be central to the Cold War struggle. Dr Jancke’s father was one of over 500, who were taken to the Soviet Union to help develop different aircraft for the Soviet air force. In 1952 the family returned to Germany, to live in East Berlin. Dr Jancke will talk about the personal, social and political aspects of his childhood years in the Soviet Union, and it promises to be a truly fascinating talk.


Taken East: A childhood in the Soviet Union, 1946-52

Speaker: Dr Harald Jancke
Date: Tuesday 29th April 2014
Time: 6pm
Venue: Fabisch at the Circus Hotel, Rosenthaler Platz 1, Berlin-Mitte

Please note: the event is of course free to attend, and as part of our cooperation with the ZZB we make a donation to help fund their very important work. If you would like to contribute to our donation, you can do so on the evening.

Easter banner

As we approach Easter weekend, our very own bunnies are busy hiding the eggs around the Circus Hostel, Hotel and Apartments, ready for the Sunday morning Egg Hunt. Not everyone can be lucky of course, but everyone can enjoy our very special Easter Brunch at Fabisch in the Circus Hotel. The buffet costs €15 for Circus guests, runs from 8am until 3pm, and it is usually pretty popular, so we would recommend you speaking to reception to book your table in advance.

For more about our Restaurant Fabisch, check out the new website here.


If you click on the picture above you will see something very special… the new Circus website! This project has been months in the planning and realising, and we are extremely happy with the results. First up, we need to say a big “well done” to Julia for her design work, capturing the individual spirit of the three houses whilst maintaining the link that makes them all “The Circus”… marvellous work! As always, we are greatly indebted to Ivo, Matthias and the rest of the team at Escriptum for helping us realise Julia’s design and their advice from the beginning of the project on. And last, but by no means least, special mention has to go to Zoë Noble for her photography of the hostel and the hotel, and for capturing the spirit of The Circus in her images.

The new website is part of a huge number of developments that are taking place at The Circus over the next year or so, and you can follow what is going on by bookmarking this blog category.

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