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Eatalian Food Week Berlin

30. November 2015

With the rising Italian population here in Berlin, it was only a matter of time before Eatalian, the first ever Italian Food Week, came to town. And we at The Circus are all [...]

Jared’s Jaunts: The Bowl

27. November 2015

©MichaelMortlockPhotography At the busy crossroads around Warschauer Straße station above the Veganz supermarket you will find a little hidden gem called The Bowl. My [...]

Thanksgiving at The Circus

24. November 2015

We will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for all those who are a bit homesick or even those just craving a good old fashioned turkey. It will take place downstairs in Katz [...]

Jared’s Jaunts: Veggie World

20. November 2015

I recently went to a trade fair called VeggieWorld and Heldenmarkt Berlin at STATION Berlin. The first being Berlin’s vegan trade show and the latter being a fair for [...]

Cheeeeese Berlin 2015

26. October 2015

©Ivo Knippenberg Lately there’s has been a recent online craze about cheese being addictive due to a recent study, and with that, what better way to feed such an [...]

Vegetarian and Vegan in Berlin

14. October 2015

As famous American culinary magazine Saveur recently voted Berlin “The New Vegetarian Capital”, we have decided to put a list together of all those yummy places that even [...]

Jared’s Jaunts: Silo Coffee

9. October 2015

©Sandra Wickert Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of really nice avocado sandwiches appear in my Instagram feed and I was very happy to discover that the place [...]

Berlin Food Week Guide 2015

28. September 2015

©Berlin Food Week The second edition of Berlin Food Week starts today and runs through to next Sunday. For a city that has really improved its culinary scene dramatically [...]

Nina’s Street Food Tour

24. September 2015

Tomorrow our newest free tour at The Circus begins, our very own Street Food Tour. With the growing demand and importance placed on the street food scene here in Berlin, one [...]
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