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Easter Sunday at The Circus

17. April 2014

As we approach Easter weekend, our very own bunnies are busy hiding the eggs around the Circus Hostel, Hotel and Apartments, ready for the Sunday morning Egg Hunt. Not [...]

For the month of March… Bar Market

6. March 2014

Now this looks interesting for anyone who cares about what they drink and the people behind it… The Bar Market is taking place every Friday and Saturday evening during the [...]

Berlin’s Real Fast Food

21. February 2014

In a hurry to fill your tummy? Here is the Circus guide to some of the best “fast food” that this city has to offer… It’s all about the sausage… Germany might [...]

KptnCook at the Circus Apartments

19. February 2014

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a launch event for a new cooking app based here in Berlin – Kptn Cook. The app itself looks great, especially for those looking for [...]

Valentine’s Day at Fabisch

12. February 2014

When the moon hits you eye like a… sorry, where were we? Oh yes, Valentine’s Day. The annual celebration of love, romance, and showing how much you care through a box of [...]

Ten Events for 2014

2. January 2014

(above: FIFA Fan Fest Berlin © ArGe Fanfest Berlin) Happy New Year everyone! Now, we know some of you reading this have perhaps been to Berlin before or are thinking of [...]
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