If you are in Berlin while reading this, you don’t need our help to notice the amazingly unusual summer weather that’s been smiling at us for about a week now (and hopefully for many weeks to come). If you are not in Berlin, get here this minute! Because when it comes to sunshine, Berlin is as unpredictable as a girl on PMS and the last thing you wanna do is procrastinate! And if the sun alone isn’t reason enough for you to visit (maybe you live in a country like Mexico where you enjoy the sunshine to the point of exhaustion), let us give you a few more reasons to come to Berlin as fast as a plane/train/bus/dragon can bring you here!

Why? Here’s 5 reasons you can’t possibly ignore.

Amazing reason 1:

Berlin is green. Literally. We count more parks than any other city in Europe, and when you combine that with an extraordinarily warm and sunny spring, the result can only be breathtaking! Add the fact that the city is almost perfectly flat (and ideal for biking), it goes without saying that exploring can’t really get much better than that! Oh wait, we forgot to mention that most parks are hosts to countless barbeques. What better way to enjoy a good German sausage paired with good German beer? We don’t know…

Our favorites include Tiergarten, Gärten der Welt, Viktoria Park, Körnerpark and Botanical Gardens. But Charlottenschloss, Britzergarten and Treptower Park are unmissable too! Choices are plenty and the only problem you might face is choosing which one to visit!

Amazing reason 2:

Going hand in hand with beautiful green surfaces is the level of Berlin’s bike-friendliness. This is a city where the streets are as flat as they are wide, and you can easily turn a cruise into a real workout if you make Potsdam or Grünewald your destination (by the way, Grunewäld is another monster park worth adding to the above list).

Amazing reason 3:

The lakes. Green on the inside and blue on the outside, Berlin is surrounded by small and not-so-small lakes. Some even made it to the actual city, like Weisser See for instance. They are the perfect getaway when you start longing for the sound of waves and very easy to reach, thanks to Berlin’s great public transport system. If you need more options, here’s a few.

Amazing reason 4:

The beaches. Well, “beaches”. Berliners love pretending they moved to the tropics every time the sun comes out. So they built some pretty cool beach fronts along it’s famous river Spree. From Mitte to Kreuzberg and all the way to Treptow, there are more than enough sandy spots for baking the sun and cooling off in the water.

Amazing reason 5:

The pools. Berlin is full of them! Some of the indoor ones make working out a real joy, but it’s the outdoor ones that will make you want to move here! The only downside is that the best ones are usually crowded, but hey, you can’t have it all… Our favorites are Haubentaucher, Prinzenbad a.k.a. Sommerbad Kreuzberg, Badeschiff and Columbiabad a.k.a. Sommerbad Neukölln.

If all this isn’t enough for you to at least consider paying us a visit, then your standards must be crazy high! If you do decide to come over, however, you might like that we have brand new bunk beds waiting to be used and the green space starts in front of our hostel. Ever heard of Weinbergspark?

Either way, Berlin is happy to see you whenever you decide to say hi, we just thought we’d give you a heads up since the weather is so unbelievably amazing and all…