What a summer! Sunshine that goes on for hours, a breeze that makes you feel like floating, countless pop-up ice cream stands… It’s good. It’s very good. Summer in Berlin is a beautiful animal that will charm you into forgetting all about the ear-freezing winter that lasts a century and a half. Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but it does last a bit too long. Right now, it’s all about happy, sunny, smiley faces found in every nook and cranny of this huge city. If only it could last forever…!

As beautiful and green as Berlin gets during summer, it’s not hard to find other beautiful and equally-as-sunny cities all over Europe. And those of you who know Berlin also know that being like others is not really in the nature of this place. No no, Berlin will not settle, and we are sharing with you our top 5 perks you can find in Berlin and Berlin only! A lot of them are beer related in one way or another, don’t act surprised!

Here we go…

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of spätis

Short for spätkauf, or “late-shop” in English (just to make sure no one leaves this page confused), this concept is a real gem! The beer selection is impressive, and these day you’ll find more and more are offering craft options. Not too shabby! From snacks to fruit, cigarettes to booze, there is little you can’t find at a späti, and with benches and tables outside, you don’t have to stress about not finding a spot in an actual bar. Especially with this football madness going on!

  1. You can drink anywhere, except on a bus

Probably the most noticed by newcomers, Berlin’s drinking culture knows no boundaries. Forget pre-drinking parties at your friends’, it’s time to move the party to the u-bahn. Or tram. Or pretty much any public transportation. Except for a bus. As weird as it sounds, it actually makes sense! Getting on a bus means a close encounter with the driver is inevitable. And the driver sees everything. So drop that bottle if you want to ride, and don’t worry, someone will pick it up. Which leads us to…

  1. Pfand, pfand, pfand!

Recycling is nice. It’s responsible, it’s smart and it’s good for this beautiful planet we call home. And Berlin, of course, takes it to the next level. If you’ve spent any time drinking outdoors, you might have been approached by a person with a shopping cart, huge bag or a little helper stacked with bottles. That’s because recycling bottles here can actually make you money! With glass bottles going for 8 cents a pop, and plastic as much as 25 cents, a good combination of persistence and consistence can provide a nice budget for say…beer. Once you finish, recycle again, it’s a perpetuum mobile kind of a system!

  1. Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink

Now is the time to throw some braggy statistics, like how we have more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined and blah blah…point is, if you are a water person, Berlin has more spots to enjoy it from than you can possibly imagine. What makes it extra special? There’s always a späti close by! We told you it’s all beer related in one way or another…

  1. Open air doesn’t care…about your plans

You know that time when you planned your night out but it took a completely random turn and you ended up at someone’s backyard with a bunch of people you don’t know, the music was blasting and it turned into the best night you’ve had all year? That’s pretty much a regular night out in Berlin. Spontaneous open-air parties grow like mushrooms after rain, and they are definitely worth throwing your calendar out the window! Just make sure you’re back at work on Monday morning…

So there, we said 5, we gave you 5, and if that doesn’t make you want to jump on the next plane/train/whateveritis over then we don’t know what will!