It’s no breaking news that most hostels have international staff members, as they are often a good way for travelers to stay at a destination they like a bit longer and refuel the traveling budget before moving on to the next adventure. But the story doesn’t end there. There’s more to working at a hostel than having a cool environment and meeting cool people. Here are a few facts you probably never though about when it comes to perks of having an international staff around you.

Hostels, despite their reputation for being a party version of a hotel, have layers upon layers of planning, maintaining and improving happening behind the façade of young travelers having fun. And the key element making the whole thing run smoothly(ish) are…yes, we know you know, the PEOPLE!

That being said, Captain Obvious has left the building. Back to the subject. Here at The Circus Berlin we know how much value lies behind an international staff, and from our managing partners to our reception squad, we count more countries than we have fingers! Here are five things having such a staff has taught us over the years:

1. They speak every language under the sun

When your work revolves around travelers, that awkward situation when your guest is unhappy and speaks Russian and Russian only is bound to happen. It’s only a matter of time. So you’ll be giving your receptionist three kisses on the cheeks when he tells you he spent a semester in St. Petersburg and knows how to solve the issue.

2. They bond with each other

If they come from the same country, there’s no need for further elaboration. If they don’t, there’s still one factor that brings them closer together. They may have come from opposite sides of the world, but they are all new to the city, often the language, and definitely the people! So they are much more likely to stick together (and help each other) in the workplace too. Especially when they have a group chat on WhatsApp to swap shifts. Talk about the ideal digital workplace!

3. They bring all kinds of weird (and amazing) cultural habits and artefacts

Ah, the black salt from Iceland, stroopwafels of The Netherlands, we’ve seen it all. But nothing beats the Scottish whisky our (appropriately) Scottish bar manager decided to import and add it to our bar’s menu. Oh, he also fits in number one perfectly. Because as much as we’d love to think speaking English means speaking Scottish, it can get tricky, especially when liquor is involved…

4. They celebrate different holidays

Possibly the best perk on this list, when you have a team that, when combined, celebrates some kind of a holiday almost every week of the year, life is good. Not to mention how much learning about different customs, traditions and religions happens in the process!

5. They are open minded

Immersing yourself in unknown places and cultures takes a lot of adjustment. Fast adjustment. Which basically means you have to learn how to incorporate new ways of seeing and understanding things. Once you’ve mastered that, though, it gives you a superpower called “the ability to see things from another point of view”.

So, there, our top 5 reasons we absolutely love our staff! We hope they loves us back just as much, but judging from their permanent smiles we’d say they do…