There is a popular quote about Jules Verne writing his famous adventure novels without ever leaving his room. He could see the entire world using only his imagination. We kind of feel like that too. We have people coming from all over the world, and we get to experience so many different cultures without ever leaving our home square of Rosenthalerplatz in the middle of Berlin.

But for all those wonderfully diverse people to reach us, we need help. And thanks to the hyper digital times we are in, spreading the word has never been easier! Here’s an example of a partner who is helping us reach our amazing Aussie visitors. So we are super thrilled that Flight Network stepped in and brought us closer to the faraway continent of great surfing and kangaroos!

If you are planning an amazing trip to Berlin you certainly want to make sure that you find a great place to spend your nights. And according to a leading global travel agency Flight Network The Circus Berlin is the place to book for your Berlin vacation.

Flight Network is a massive travel agency successfully sending thousands of happy people on great trips around the world every single day. And when Flight Network recently released a blog post about Berlin they advised their customers on booking with us at The Circus Berlin.

In the blog post “Spend 72 Amazing and Cultural Hours in Berlin” Flight Network went out and found the best hotels, restaurants, bars and experiences that they recommend to people coming to Berlin.

They included The Circus on this exclusive list and wrote some great things about us! Flight Network highlighted our excellent hospitality and how easy it is to meet cool fellow travelers at our hostel.

Circus Berlin does have many different types of accommodation so there really is a room type for everyone. You can go with our hostel, hotel or great apartments. So find the best type for you, and we guarantee a fantastic stay in Berlin for your holiday!

Collaboration is what we’re all about so keep them coming!