A word from our shareholders about last night at the Christmas Market in Charlottenburg.

It is hard to explain or articulate our emotions this morning, as our city struggles to come to terms with events last night at the Christmas Market in Charlottenburg. The first piece of information that we want to get out to our friends around the world is that as far as we are aware and according to the information we have at the moment, all of our guests and all our staff are safe. In the past few hours we have been contacted by many of you, and we are touched by the many messages and the loyalty and compassion shown. Please, if you are worried about friends and family here in Berlin, get in contact with us. We have someone available to answer the phone 24 hours a day, and you can reach us on +49 30 2000 3939.

This morning, Berlin is in shock but Berlin is also calm. This city of ours has experienced a lot over the years, including some of the darkest periods in history. That the Berlin we live and work in has become such a positive symbol in the 21st century for people around the world, many of whom come to stay with us and work with us at the Circus, is a remarkable part of the story.

After the many tragic incidents in recent years, we have all had thoughts of how we would react if something like this would happen in the city we love. We have always believed, and worked towards, an idea of hospitality that is rooted in making people feel they are at home with us during their time in the city. Home, and the Circus, should be there for the good times, but also the difficult moments. Today is one of those moments, and we are more determined than ever to be a shelter and a sanctuary for our guests.

So we are sad this morning, and we are thinking of those who have lost loved ones or were injured themselves in what appears to have been a deliberate attack on our city. But in our sadness and in our shock, we are also determined that the Berlin that means so much to so many people will continue to delight and inspire us, our fellow-Berliners and our guests from around the world.

Andreas, Christian, Tilman, Jim and Andreas