Hi. Are you in Berlin this week? Yes? Are you staying with us? You are? Then read on!

We are here today to tell you about pandas, and lions and bears, oh my! That was inevitable. Now, if you love animals, like you should, and you are staying with us this week, like we are hoping, there’s something special coming that you really shouldn’t miss! It’s called Animal Magic Tour, and it’s unlocking the door to let you enter the zoo after everyone else has left.

Normally impossible to sign up for (even we don’t get the chance that often), this tour will open the door to the nightlife of Berlin’s animals, and an experience that’ll have you reaching for your phone every two steps. To take photos, call your mom, we’ll leave that part to you. One of the most exciting and popular tours we offer as a part of our selected program that goes under the name of Behind The Curtain (yes, the pun is more layered than a croissant), missing it would almost be a sin! Need more convincing? How about this:

Greeted by a guide, you’ll roam the empty zoo free to explore without pushing your way through the crowd. If you’ve ever been to Berlin’s zoo during regular opening hours, you’ll know what a privilege that is! Not to mention that your weekly Instagram content will be beyond filled…

How do you join?

Well, it really helps if you are staying at one of The Circus houses (hotel, hostel or apartments). That’s step one. Step two is signing up at one of our receptions, by phone or email that you’ll send to info@circus-berlin.de. Step three is meeting with the rest of the group on Thursday, July 12th at 18h (that’s 6pm for you non-24s out there) and following one of our amazing staff members to the scene of the tour.

It’s as simple as that!