On Wednesday, Behind the Curtain went on a day trip to the Teufelsberg. A group of interested urban explorers joined Jared on his journey. Read Jared’s story here:

Where were we going?  We headed to the former NSA listening station that was built by the Americans to be able to listen and spy on the East Germans. The station has been basically abandoned and the area is relatively untouched except for the artists that have left their mark.

When we left the Circus, heading to the S-Bahn, we started  swapped stories, and checked out Berlin for around 25 minutes on the commute. When we arrived at the station, the real journey began! On our 20-minute hike through the Grunewald, we suddenly noticed the sun was slowly disappearing, and small white flakes where falling from the sky. It was snowing, in April!

From the parking lot of the Drachenberg kite hill, we could see our destination of the devil’s hill (that’s how Teufelsberg translates to English). You could see the remains of the old NSA spy tower with its ominous white domed tower looming over the landscape. I suggested to hike up the first hill for some great views of Berlin, and to get a better view of our destination and so we did. As we decided to take the stair case, we also got our cardio going – a full body workout – for free! We enjoyed the view from the hill until the snow started really pouring, and we decided to get moving again.

Down a hill and then into the forest again, up another hill, and finally we made it to the entrance. It’s clear that this area is used as an urban art gallery, and we got caught up exploring the grounds and checking out the different areas all fully covered with graffiti.

After a while, we discoverd the staircase and we started to make our way up. At each level there are large concrete areas where artists left their marks. Impressive art, juxtaposed against a 360 view of Berlin, and the surrounding forest. It’s absolutely fantastic!

But the real hightlight is the dome. The room’s acoustics are really special. When you speak, the sound is amplified in your ears. Thinking that everyone in the room could hear the same things, it soon became clear that it was only your own voice when you were speaking, that got this effect.

This is a very special place. With its great forest, clear air, and hills, the area offers spectacular views of Berlin. Add great art and  art work that is of a super high quality, and the chance to explore the shell of an abandoned former listening station.

What more could you ask for in a Behind the Curtain experience?

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Behind The Curtain - Trip to Teufelsberg      


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