As we are slowly moving into the new year of 2020, it’s easy to get lost in the plans and projects demanding our attention. Which is this is the absolute best moment to take a moment and step back to reflect on 2019 and all the milestones we’ve hit here at The Circus. It’s been a big year, it’s been an intense year and we’d do it all over again if we could! And in case you are new to The Circus concept or just curious to know why, here’s our top 5 highlights from 2019 and a couple of things to look forward to in 2020!

  1. Project #recreate at The Circus Hotel

Officially the biggest project we have taken on in the history of The Circus Hotel, project #recreate at The Circus will definitely take the spotlight this year! As the name suggests, the focus will be on giving The Circus Hotel a complete makeover. We’re talking new restaurant space, we’re talking AC, we’re talking fully redesigned lobby and lounge area… Yep, when we say makeover – we mean makeover! After signing the contract for the building to continue being The Circus Hotel for another 25 years, we had to make it the absolute best it can possibly be!

  1. The Circus Hostel 2.0

Another major overhaul of The Circus may have already happened, but if you know The Circus, you know that wit us, improvement never stops! It started with Perfect Dorm, then moved on to the bathrooms, hallways and the lobby. We’ve redesigned every room and floor, bathrooms and the year had us spinning a full circle! It’s also the best year we’ve ever had, with the highest occupancy rates we’ve seen to date! Guess you love the beds just as much as we do…

  1. The Circus Apartments office restructure

Although creating a travelers’ haven is in the core of our business, we always make sure to keep our staff on top of our priority list! Which is why this summer found us redesigning offices and regrouping our teams. The guys behind the curtain can now make sure the place is running smoothly from a tropical atmosphere and a lot more space! So you can find The Circus Crew in both The Hostel and The Apartments, and all three receptions of course!

  1. Behind the Curtain had a record number of participants

One of the reasons people love staying with us so much definitely has to be our amazing Behind The Curtain program. We created it to show you the Berlin we know and love and it is beyond rewarding to see you share that with us! And the numbers don’t lie, we’ve officially had the biggest number of guests joining our BTC tours and events. Now let’s make 2020 even better! We’ve also added a couple of new exciting tours, like the Green Fashion Tour, so if you’re staying with us this year make sure you check out what’s happening during your stay, we’re constantly updating the calendar!

  1. The Circus Café – your next favorite coffee spot

If you’re a traveler who likes your coffee, how shall we put it, proper, you’ll be thrilled to hear The Circus Café staff went through a proper coffee making training, so you can look forward to all those pretty flowers looking at you from the foam of your next cappuccino. The brew will not disappoint either, with our friends from Tres Cabezas supplying the beans and no worries if you don’t do lactose (does anyone really anymore?), we’ve got oat, soy and lactose free milk alternatives to keep your mind alert and your tummy undisturbed!

Stay with us as we move into the big renovations and welcome spring with a cocktail in our hand over a view of the homey Rosenthaler Platz, 2020 is looking good!