Spring in Berlin. Is there anything else like it? If you witnessed it you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, now’s the time! Seriously, April in Berlin is beyond words…

And as hard as it is to pick out just FIVE things from an ocean of choices, we have to…because who has the attention span anymore? From Easter to the Cherry blossom festival, we cherry picked (pun intended) the best so all you have to do is book that flight! Goes without saying you’ll be staying at The Circus, right…? Just look at this patio in the sun!

Here’s our best-of for the spring kickoff

1. Easter Easter Easter!

If you haven’t noticed by now, Berlin’s not very big on conventional behavior. So why not take this time to forget about tradition and enjoy the beginning of the most beautiful season by just going outisde? Enjoy your first ice cream, coffee in the sun, or try the local’s favorite: beers and radlers in the greenery of countless parks and squares all over the city! Who needs Easter eggs anyway?

And…If you’re staying with us over Eastern Sunday, April 21st to be precise, you can get tickets to the Hertha vs Hannover 96 match at the historic Olympia stadium! Public transportation tickets are included, talk about holiday giving mood! Read more details here.

2. Cherry blossoms around town

When you think of cherry blossoms what’s the first image that pops up in your head? We’re guessing one of those cheesy posters of Mount Fuji with a geisha under a cherry tree? Maybe not, but it’s pretty unlikely you thought about Berlin… But that is about to change! Just take a tour of Berlin’s cherry blossom hot spots (courtesy of VisitBerlin) and you’ll see why!

3. Stay green in Berlin

The biggest thing that makes Berlin so gorgeus in spring are definitely the parks. Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with 11% of its surface being covered by parks and forests (and let’s not forget the lakes)! Need examples? Try looking out the window of our hostel, there’s one! Or hop on the U8 line in front of our door and head over to Kreuzberg’s breathtaking canals. Beer in hand, people all around, breeze in your hair, what could possibly be better? Add a bike to the mix and you’ve got a full package!

4. Berlin on water

You’ve walked Berlin, you’ve biked Berlin, but have you ever boated it? Now you can! Easter marks the official start of the boat tours season. Trust us, seen from water, Berlin becomes a whole new city! For the more adventurous among you, nothing beats paddle boarding down the Spree. Kayaking is also an exciting option, especially if traveling as a group. With more waterways than Amsterdam and Venice combined, you bet there’s something for everyone!

5. Flea markets and beer gardens oh my!

Another must-do when in Berlin, flea markets are literally everywhere and the only issue you might have is finding enough time to browse through all of them. Lucky for you (and all of us), there are just as many beer gardens to help you relax from all that decision making. Life is hard when spring comes around!

What’s your favorite? Did we miss anything? Let us know, we’d love to hear your take on Berlin’s spring! Inspiration always goes a long way…