It’s been about a month since we went full throttle with project #recreate at The Circus Hotel. Renovations are running around the clock, and our creative hats are beginning to feel heavy. So we felt it was the perfect time to reach out and bring in some reinforcement. Given that art has always been center-stage at The Circus, we figured – why should it be any different now? The lounge/lobby/relaxation area (call it what you like) is expanding and getting the biggest makeover the hotel has witnessed in its 12 years of existence, so we had to make sure it gets the artistic attention it deserves. We’ve had countless collaborations with artists over the years, and this time around, we are having a proper French affair. And by the looks of it, it’s one we will definitely not regret!

First up, it’s Vassili and Briana, the duo behind La Troisieme Main, who have been our resident artists for the last couple of weeks. Known for their eclectic portfolio and an affection for wall carving, they brought to us the unique style we were craving for, one that relies on using basic materials and techniques to create something extraordinary and new. Their art is all about contrast, from colors to materials and visual effects, which is why we felt hat they are the perfect choice for our unique concept for a hotel. If boldness is the order of the day, this round is on us! We can’t give away too much, however, as it would ruin the surprise when we reopen, but what we can do is give you a little teaser and an idea of what you can expect once we reopen this autumn!

And now that we’ve got the inside piece covered, let’s take things outside. If you’ve ever stayed with us, you know we have the cutest backyard for that upgraded coffee drinking/newspaper reading experience our guests can enjoy. So what better spot can you think of for floating art? Yes, we said floating, and we meant it! If you haven’t heard of Cedric Le Borgne, now is the time to acquaint yourself. His breathtaking art has mesmerized the world, and his incredible installations have been seen all over the globe, from Singapore and London to Geneva and Toulouse (and now, finally, Berlin). Again, we don’t want to reveal too much, so here’s some “backstage” moments captured by our excited staff.

Art and design go hand in hand at The Circus, and this summer is dedicated to making sure the hotel is dressed to impress! Good times are coming, and we could not be more excited for what the future at The Circus Hotel will look like! Stay tuned, there’s more on the horizon…