When you travel, do you always bring your own shower products? Most of us prefer bringing their beauty routines with us when we travel. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to spend your first day of exploring looking like Tina Turner in “Simply The Best”. But let’s be honest, dragging bottles of shampoo and shower gel can be quite an annoyance. Especially when you have to make sure they don’t explode and spill under pressure of the plane’s baggage compartment.

Bottom line, it’s nice when you don’t have to drag half of your bathroom with you every time you go traveling.


This is one of the reasons we decided to make life easier for all of the guests who stay at The Circus Apartments house by thinking about all the little details. Like morning coffee capsules. Or, the very thing we are here to talk about today: bathroom products.

Now, if you know The Circus, you know how big we are on all things eco-friendly, local and sustainable. Cosmetics are no exception. So, when we sat down to figure out which brand to go with, it was no surprise that we unanimously decided to go with i+m Naturkosmetik. They ticked all of the boxes:

  1. They are Berlin based = local
  2. They are organic = sustainable
  3. They only engage in fair trading = respect the workers
  4. They are vegan = love our furry friends
  5. They are environmentally friendly = eco-friendly

But it doesn’t stop there. They are so focused on sustainability, it has earned them an award! At this year’s German Sustainability Awards that took place in Düsseldorf on December 7th, i+m Naturkosmetik won the second place, making them not only the first Berlin-based winner but also the smallest company to win the award!

And yet there’s more.

In addition to innovative product novelties and new formulations, exciting cooperations, successful trade fair appearances and countless mentions in the press, they were also able to generate donations of at least € 50,000 this year for a variety of eco-social projects. The current one focuses on helping empower women in Sambia, turning their products into Christmas gifts with a cause!


So, if you decided to spend some time in Berlin, maybe during our special New Year offer at The Circus Apartments, you can leave your cosmetics at home and relax knowing that we’ll keep you clean with the best products you can find.

You are welcome!