February is a weird month. It’s short but feels long, it has an extra day but only on leap years, and in the middle of it: the cheesiest holiday of them all – Valentine’s Day! Adding the winter cold to the mix and traveling in February can get quite lonely, especially for all you solo travelers out there… With 20 years of accommodating guests under our roof (well, three roofs to be exact), we know it all, traveling pros and cons, the dos and the don’ts. Which is why we created Behind The Curtain, a carefully curated collection of events that will show you Berlin we know and love. So check your tourist at the door, it’s time for your Berlin experience to turn local!

Every month we refresh the set and we always make sure to pay attention to those that are the most popular with you. Those we repeat. So, to cut the introduction and get to the point, here’s what you can look forward to if you are staying with The Circus this February.

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All of our Behind The Curtain events are built on close relationships we have with members of our community. And we make sure there’s always something for everyone.

Starting with our own doorstep, and because we absolutely love showing off our favorite part of Berlin – our neighborhood of Scheunenviertel. This is why it’ll happen twice, once in the middle and once at the endof the month, because that’s how much we like it! We’ll also be walking the Berlin wall with an author for a guide, so count on the best stories! Other historic tours include a visit to the former Nazi labor camp of Schöneweide, a trip to the Stasi prison and another favorite: a journey through Berlin’s music and film heritage!

If you’re more into activities and sports, we got you covered too! You can choose one (or all) of our February activities: skating with our crew, bouldering with one of our bartenders or doing the craft beer tasting hike. By hike we mean walk from one bar to the next, but hey, that counts as an activity!

And to break the cheesiness that is Valentine’s day, we prepared something extra special for the most romantic day of the year (at least according to pop culture). We teamed up with Jaclyn Zimmerman, the sommelier who will teach you how to pair excellent wine with the tastiest of Dubenkropp chocolates. Partner or not, satisfaction is guaranteed!

So, what are you waiting for? Book that flight, book a room with us, and give your February an upgrade with our exclusive Behind The Curtainprogram! You won’t find anything like it elsewhere…

And that’s still not all! If you know us, you know we like to go the extra mile. This is why, in addition to the Behind the Curtain events, we have more stuff going on at The Circus Microbrewery! Here you’ll find more of a pattern… Tuesdays at are always Quiz Nights, Thursdays are for Karaoke and Fridays give you Live Music.

In addition to all that, if you’re a football fan (the European not American, just to be clear, the ball will be kicked not thrown), this is the time to stay with us! We’ve got tickets for the Bundesliga and Pokal matches with a transportation ticket included! If you prefer keeping it local, we’ll also be playing Champions League matches on the projector in The Microbrewery.

Who knew you could fit so much in the shortest month of the year!