When it comes to exploring Berlin, there’s nothing worse than falling into a sea of people all going down the same route, thinning the asphalt with the same footsteps, blindly following guides and popular tours. Selfie sticks feel like branches of trees and it’s almost become an art to take a photo without four other tourists in it.

But you know how the saying goes: Criticism without alternative suggestions is just destructive behavior. So we came up with the alternative! It’s called Behind The Curtain, and yesterday was a special day, because once again we got a chance to do a private, after hours tour of Berlin Zoo!

One of our more special and not-so-frequent tours, this one is definitely a crowd favorite! The group is always big, excited and super easy going. And this time was no exception. Not even rain could bring our spirits down, and we grinned our way through the drizzle as we followed the guide around like school kids. Check out that formation!

What made this experience so unique was the fact that not only did we get to enjoy the beautiful zoo ALONE (yes, when we say private we mean private), but we had the awesome perk of having a storyteller for a guide. She gave us the scoop on pretty much everything, from blue-butt monkeys to panda mating strategies, and even brought us to the back room where we could touch the hippos. Though we were warned not to, as they tend to get way more aggressive than you’d expect. Which got confirmed pretty fast. That is not a happy hippo!

The whole idea is actually about giving our guests a way out of the crowds and show them a different side of Berlin, one that is more unique and less Googled. And the feedback so far has shown us that it was a step in the right direction. Quality of hospitality goes way beyond beds and breakfasts. At The Circus, we don’t want you just to stay with us. We want you to experience with us.

So next time you come to Berlin and stay with us, and you find yourself wondering what to do, all you gotta do is head over here and check what’s happening during your stay! Best part? Most of them are free, and you’ll be guided by a member of our international staff that shares your love for exploring.