Behind the Curtain kicked off in December. It’s one of our new offers and today we’ll give you a little recap about our first activities and what to expect later on this month.

Behind the Curtains is a series that gives our guests the chance to explore deeper into the things that make Berlin tick. We offer unique experiences and at times unusual things to do in Berlin and we introduce you to people and concepts  that alone would be very hard to organise without the support of locals living here.

Last month we took photos and learned about Instagram with Berlin photographer Marcello Zerletti  and we had an eyewitness history talk with Frau Gericke, where she shared her memories of growing up during the Weimar Republic, the rise of National Socialism, and talked about the divided city and the fall of the Berlin Wall. We explored the Topography of Terror with Sebastian Gerhardt, made a trip with curators COgallery to visit artist Robin Resch in his studio, and we went to the Olympic stadium for a “Match Day” stadium tour, where we went behind the curtain and peaked into the dressing rooms, press area, and member’s lounge, and we also watched Hertha play of course.

For our first  Behind the Curtain event of the year, Andrew took a group of our guests to the former Stasi Prison where they met Dr. Carlo Jordan, who was an environmental activist during the days of the GDR. Jordan  had a first-hand account of being targeted by the STASI and shared his experiences being held in Hohenschönhausen. Here our guests learned about the STASI, who they were, how they operated, and how the prison was run.

Next up was our first “Taste” event with Henning from local distillery PIJÖKEL. Pijökel is a herbal liquor that was founded right here in Berlin, and the Circus has been working with them since the beginning. 18 guests joined the tour and Henning gave the guests a peak behind the scenes: how they developed the concept, what the name means, and the mistakes that finally turned into a success. The guests tried the product, and then were invited to have a “Berlin Buck” – a cocktail involving Pijokel. It was a perfect way to start a Friday night!

Tommy, one of our bartenders, has a big passion for music. He took along our guests to the famous Hansa studios. Here they were introduced to Eduard Meyer and his friend Pete who both worked together with David Bowie. They shared a lot of stories about their collaboration, and showed Michaela, Penny, Leslie, Jordan, Jack and Lucia the old control room which is now a bar. They also had a look at the “Master Hall”, the room which defined the sounds of the music that was made there. Eduard also told the guests about the recording techniques and the tricks they used to give David Bowie the distinct sound he had at the time.

Do you want to experience Berlin Behind The Curtain, too? The month is not over yet and we still have lots of Behind the Curtain events coming your way. Here is what you can expect:

Jan. 17 VISIT: Exclusive access to normally Industry-Only Berlin Fashion Week Show with Circus Owner Andreas


Jan. 20 Art Tour : A chance to explore the Berlin art scene via the many wonderful galleries in the city under the guidance of local art historian Laureline van den Heuvel.


Jan. 24 Tour: Meet the Locals and explore the Hidden Histories and Tastes of Kreuzberg with the Dönerkind


Jan. 26 TASTE: Meet Jurgen, the man behind Tante Frizzante prosecco and one of Berlin’s hippest drinks shops for an exclusive tasting


Jan. 27 TASTE: Join our Exclusive Berlin Supper Club with trip to Market and Dinner in a Luxury Berlin Apartment


See you at the next Behind The Curtain event!