On Sunday morning, Jared from Behind the Curtain, and a few guests, got out of bed early, to head to the Nosh edition of the famous breakfast market at Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg.

The breakfast market is hosted once a month. The Markthalle Neun street food stands then tweak their food to cater towards people nursing hangovers and give them some Sunday nourishment.

But this Sunday was a special Sunday, as it was the beginning of the Jewish food festival Nosh. There was a lot of nice traditional Jewish cooking going on and we met Laurel from the festival for a brief introduction into the week. She gave us information about street food in general and told us about the explosion of food stemming from a Jewish background  in Berlin at the moment.

There are lots of places popping up in Berlin right now, with hummus being a really hot item. Laurel is the owner and head baker at Fine Bagels at Shakespeare and Sons Bookshop in Friedrichshain. In our opinion, she is baking the best bagels in Berlin right now, and she has made both Berliners and expats very happy with her water-boiled bagels. She is even making traditional Shabbat bread (challah)  for people to take away. And sometimes it’s even turning into an event when serving it as French toast.

Laurel has created the Nosh Berlin which is Berlin’s first Jewish food week. The guardian got wind of this and you can find a nice interview about it here.

Behind the Curtain not only went the Nosh breakfast market but we will also head to The Gefilte Ball, an evening of Jewish food, music and dance at the Ballhaus Rixdorf, hosted by Shtetl Neukölln and Nosh Berlin. The writer and cook Jeffrey Yoskowitz will be presenting some of the recipes from his new cook book, with live music and dancing to follow, as well as more Jewish food and drink specialties. It’s going to be a fun night!

There is plenty more going on over the week from supper clubs, cooking classes and much much more. You can find the full programme here.