As we all know, Berlin is changing rapidly. One of the most noticeable changes is the beer scene. Germany has a long tradition and big reputation for its beer. Many people come to Germany for the beer. Berlin does follow trends sometimes, it just takes a little longer to develop than in other European cities. Although German beer is very good and affordable, it can also be a little bland if you are coming from other craft beer nations.

So over the last couple of years the craft beer scene has been marking its territories all over Berlin in both big and small capacities. This topic is now a major conversation point and this renaissance of beer culture is growing fast.

There are more and more events happening around the city incorporating craft beer. Last year was the first time that Berlin Beer Week was introduced. The Circus Hostel Brewing Co. participated in it last year and are delighted to do so again this year.

Last year we were extremely impressed by the organisation of this event. We were still a new player to the table but we were welcomed with open arms. We missed most of the meetings but the ones we did attend we thought were  very productive and that the participants got a chance to be a part of the creative process and voice their opinions. Everyone involved was extremely professional, and every email was answered in a timely fashion no matter how important the content. For a first timeevent on this kind of scale we were very impressed.

What is Berlin Beer Week? It’s a week dedicated to celebrating craft beer and community. There will be events hosted all across the city at various locations. It’s ideal for wandering around the city and being surrounded by people that share a similar passion, for tasting what Berlin is producing at the moment, and just enjoying the new drinking culture.

Last year we hosted a Meet The Brewer event. This year we decided to host a quiz on the 27th of July.  What will be the subject matter? Yes you guessed it, beer and brewing. For this special occasion we’ll be serving a special beer that has been produced by a few of the leading brewers in Berlin for a short time period. Want to know what it is? You will just have to come by our brewery to find out!

We of course will be serving our own brew and for this week we have chosen to serve our limited edition Pilsner. We have decided to go with our Pilsner because of its freshness and drinkability. It’s a very good session beer and something you can sip on all night. This is being brewed especially for the occasion and will be available for a limited time before we start with our next batche of beer.


We are very excited and look forward to sharing a beer with you soon!