So with February now behind us, it’s time to take a look at what’s coming up for the “Behind the Curtain” programme in March.  But before we do, our event manager Andrew took a look back at a few of the highlights that took place throughout the month of February.

Going right back to the beginning of the month, we ventured off to the now defunct Tempelhof airport. It’s not very often that you get a chance to unlock the gates and explore an unused airport, particularly one that has so much history and stunning architecture. This place is a photographer’s dream location, with its eerie empty arrivals hall and cocktail bar frozen in time and presented as it was back in its hay day in the late 1930’s. The history buffs who came along discovered the remnants of what the American army left behind in the hidden inner structures of the building during the time of the of the iconic “Airlift” and subsequent allied occupation, such as a full size indoor basketball court, a strategic planning room and an officers club. Amazing! And for those who were interested in architecture, the famous British architect Sir Normal Foster, who incidentally worked on the redesign of the German Reichstag,  was once quoted as describing it as “the mother of all airports”. Think that sums it up nicely.

Another highlight in February was our trip to the Deutsche Oper. On this trip we were lucky enough to get up close and personal with all aspects of how a modern opera house is run. We got to check-out the orchestra pit, the main stage and the two massive side stages, the props and set design storage rooms and the auditorium itself. This was a real buzz for our group as we had many keen opera fans amongst us! Along the way we learnt all about the history of the Deutsche Oper and its place in Berlin society over the years. Fascinating!

And lastly, another highlight for us was visiting our friends at “Five Elephant” who are Berlin based coffee roasters and have been at the cutting edge of this vibrant and ever-developing scene for some time. Here, the guys offered us an exclusive tasting, where we got to try a variety of different beans, and along the way learnt all about the business of roasting. It was inspiring to see how this small local business works, and to get to meet the people behind it. We got truly caffeinated.

So with March now upon us, we are really excited to get “Behind the Curtain” once again.  This month we’ve got a special trip planned to visit the award winning “Topography of Terror” exhibition, which deals with the horrific past of the Third Reich and in particular the role of the SS. Here, we will get a special guided tour by one of the exhibition curators.

Also this month we once again host an eyewitness history talk, Memories of a divided city. This talk is organised in cooperation with the Berlin center for witness to contemporary history. Our guest speaker Frau Neff will share her memories of growing up in Berlin during the time of the Berlin wall, and also its aftermath.

Some other highlights will be a literary evening with Marcel Krueger, author of Berlin: A literary guide for Travelers, a trip to the Nosh festival – celebrating Jewish food and culture, a Kreuzberg contemporary art gallery trip, a Berlin street art tour and a special talk with Dj, promoter, label owner and radio host Corin Arnold, who will take us back to Berlin in the 90’s and reflect on some of the extraordinary events that made the city what it is today.

So if your planning to stay with us over the coming month, be sure to check out our “Behind the Curtain” program while you’re here. We sure are excited to have you with us!

Check out our full events program for March here.


Behind the Curtain

(c) Jared Goldman

(c) Jared Goldman

Behind the Curtain


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