Today is International Women’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than kicking off with the Berlin Feminist Film Week!

The 4th edition of the Berlin Feminist Film Week takes place from today until the March 14th. With films from all around the world, including China, Sweden, USA, Canada, France and Israel the festival is really international.
The Berlin Feminist Film Week, founded in 2014, is a film festival dedicated to the exploration of feminist topics through cinema. A challange of patriarchal storytelling and a platform for those who make films, that do not fit into the Hollywood norm and for the cinema-goers who do not film represented in the images reproduced by mainstream cinema.

The BFFW’s team put together a program with films, which explore feminist topics and put forward female, queer non-binary, trans and PoC characters. The multifaceted program of the festival includes film screenings, panel discussions and workshops.

This year’s edition kicks off at Babylon before the festival moves down to AGORA Rollberg, which will be the main hub for the week. The ending party will take place in ACUD.

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