The Berlin Marathon never fails to impress, whether you’re going about your usual Sunday business of park antics and you stumble across it, or you dedicatedly watch and cheer on the competitors, it is always a sight for sore eyes. 42km is still totally unfathomable to the average person, and probably even terrifying. Last year the world record was set by Dennis Kimetto from Kenya who ran it in 2:02:57.

The Circus, as usual, had lots of guests competing, and we filled them up with a pasta party the night before and set them on their way! Here is The Circus Berlin Marathon roll of honour, congratulations to all!

Markku Siponen (FIN): 2:39:32

Frank Gielen (NL): 3:15:21

Paolo Stancanelli (IT): 3:40:27

Julia Trayhorn (UK): 3:24:53

Marisha Mackenzie (US): 3:17

Steve Kamanavskas (CA): 4:37

Ruth Treharne (WAL): 4:05

Mario Roma (CR): 3:15

Hazel (UK): 4:40

Jeanette Jones (UK): 4:42